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10 Baby Skincare Products by Babys World

Winter is the season when skin becomes rough and needs extra nutrition and oiliness. Same is the case with the skin of the baby. As babies have delicate skin, winters can get really harsh on them. With extra sensitive skin your baby needs best skin care products to combat extreme cold of winters. 

1. Mild bathing soap: Bath your baby every two to three days with luke warm water to keep dryness at bay. Make use of mild baby soap that is not harsh to skin and has lot of oil content in it. Ask the child specialist the soap that best suits the skin of your baby as no one really wants to go on try and error spree when it comes to baby. It is advisable to go for fragrance free and mild soaps that preserve the oil content in the body of your baby.

2. Massage: As per age old traditions of grannies and aunties, body massage is best to strengthen bones and muscles for all during winters. When it comes to babies, winters are the best time for massage as they get soothing relief and this is best way to strengthen their bones and muscles. As winters invite dry skin oiling your baby at least two times a day with baby oil will prevent the skin from getting dry as oil has the tendency to penetrate deep in the skin and keep it soft. Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oils are baby skin friendly oils that not only provides nourishment to the skin but also strengthen bones of the baby.

3. Moisturizing: Use moisturizing creams over talcum powder during winters as such creams preserve the oiliness and maintain the moisture content in the baby skin and this aid in preventing rashes or dryness and it makes your baby’s skin wonderfully smooth and soft. Always ask for child specialist’s advice before cornering any baby moisturizer as you surely do not want to experiment with your little one’s skin.

4. Lip jelly: Winters come with chapped lips and to combat that a swipe of lip jelly across baby’s lips will be very useful. As petroleum jelly is made from petroleum it does not sound appealing to apply on baby’s skin so it is better to consult the doctor for a skin friendly lip balm for your baby.

5. Shampoo: Keep the skin problems at bay with good baby shampoo that will nourish your sweeties little and soft hair. Bath time during winters should be super mild, free from harsh subsiding agents so it is advisable to opt of mild baby shampoo that will make the bath of your baby enjoyable affair. Nowadays tearless shampoos are also available in the market.

6. Thermals: Extreme winters are difficult period for your little ones. So to keep their body warm and protect it from extreme cold, thermals are recommended. Thermals not only keep the body of the baby warm but also it protects the baby from outside cold.

7. Diaper rash cream: It is normal for baby to urinate often during winters. So even the doctor advice to put diaper to your baby. Continuous use of diapers tends to create rash that causes lot of discomfort to the child. One can apply diaper rash cream which aids in promoting effective healing, soothes irritated skin rash and also forms a protective layer on the baby’s skin.

8. Gentle baby wipes: Baby wipes are a must for your baby. They contain antibacterial properties that helps clean your baby’ skin gently by providing protection to it. It also keeps the skin of the baby fresh, moisturized, soft and elegant.

9. Baby lotion: A gentle massage of baby lotion makes the skin of the baby soft and supple and also provides protection against infections. It also provides soothing to the skin and acts as excellent moisturizer that fights against infections and promotes bone development. Doctors recommend baby lotion for relief against swelling, itchiness and redness of skin.

10. Baby powder: Baby powder helps in eliminating dryness and keeps the little one’s skin refreshed and comfortable. It also has anti stringent properties. A mild dose of powder showered to the baby after bath adds refreshing touch and makes the skin feel fresh and soothing.

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