3 Months Old Baby Activities

3 months might not appear to be too long, but it is quite obvious long enough for your newborn to grow into a bigger, more alert child. At this stage, your child might be settling into a sleep pattern and developing in terms of interaction around —-this is sure to provide you a much needed respite from the continuous fussing and fretting over your baby.

Games can help your baby develop its further skills and improve its manner of interacting with the world. 3 months might appear too young to start playing games, but it is never too early for further development. This article talks about detailed insights into a few 3-month-old baby development activities which can help your baby grow in a right manner.

What are the Expected Skills you want to Develop in your 3 Month-Old Baby?

As a parent, there are some of the things you can expect from your child when he is 3 months old. Some of these are highlighted below.

• Your baby will be able to quickly reach out and grasp things, but for a short span of time.

• The neck and back muscles of the baby start strengthening around this time, so this would be an ideal time to start laying the child on his tummy.

• Your baby will be able to communicate in baby talk and babble, and also laugh and smile at your actions.

• Your baby’s learning process starts when your baby reaches out to toys and people when they move around.

• You can start laying the groundwork for the baby’s vocabulary by talking to them as much as possible.

Fine Motor Activities for 3-Month-Old Babies?

These games infuse further development in your baby’s motor skills, in a fun manner.

• Lie down your baby on his back and place or hold toys at a position out of her reach. Make her reach for grabbing the toy.

• Try action songs with your baby, and make her do the actions as much as possible. Pat-a-cake and clapping are great options.

• Give your baby clean toys which she can hold and mouth as she finds it satisfying. This increases her grip strength and enhances her motor skills. Always remember to give her something that is large enough so that she could not choke.

Gross Motor Activities for 3-Months Old

Gross motor activities at this age promotes strengthening of your baby’s muscles of her neck and back. Tummy time is something which you can start at this age, under the mother’s supervision.

• You can motivate her to support her own head at this age, in an easy manner. Place your baby on your lap with her back and neck supported well, and motivate your baby to look at you by making funny noises.

• Tummy time can be conducted by placing the baby on her tummy and placing toys just out of her reach. You can even lie down face-to-face with your baby, and motivate her to lift her face and look up at you.

• Change her positions as much as you can, whenever you can. You can place her on her belly for some time, then make her lie on her back, or sit with a support for a few minutes. This will arouse her curiosity, as she has a different exploration of the world around her. Always remember to keep talking to her about this posture as much as possible.

Communicating and Imitating Activities for 3-Month-Old

• After motor skills, you must spare some of your time to play activities with your 3-month-old babies just to improve her communication skills.

• Make your child look around the room, by calling out her name from different corners around the room. Keep in mind to appreciate her or snuggle her if she looks at you once you have called.

• Try making your child imitate the sounds you make. You can begin this game by imitating your baby yourself, and smile when looks up to you curiously. This will make her understand she can communicate with her mother using her own voice.

• At this age, your baby has already started developing her own language skills. So always talk to her and paint a picture with words, so that she hears a variety of words and tries to place those sounds with what they are seeing.

Learning Activities

Learning activities at this age induces the development of your child’s brain. Let’ see what kind of activities you can engage in with your 3-month old baby:

• Motivate her to follow something she sees moving, using toys. You can place your child on her tummy on the floor, and start rolling the ball to see if she follows its track with her own eyes. You can use a rattle for getting her interest if she does not look to mind you at first.

• For helping your child to understand her name, say it as much as possible around her. You can also sing songs with her name so that she can easily recognize that it has some meaning in regards to her. Her name will be one of the first words she starts understanding.

• Change your tone as much as possible, so that emotions are expressed using the tone of your voice. You can do voice modulation while you sing lullabies to her.

• Allow her to learn her surroundings through touch and giver her lots of different textures to explore. Everyday surfaces inside the home are a good to start with, so motivate her to feel wood floors, cushions and carpets first.

Cognitive Development Activities for 3 Months Old

These activities will sharpen the brain of your 3-month old and develops her overall personality with intelligence.

• Read as much as possible in front of your 3-month old. Start with picture books, so that she can see what you are trying to say her. Children will love to see the colourful images in front of them while hearing your contrasting voice.

• Talk to her about anything and everything and you can start by telling your child about how was your day. Make sure to keep varying your tone, and maintain a lot of eye contact with her while you speak to her.

• Keep mirrors around her in which she can see an image of herself but she would love to see the person in the mirror who is continuously moving and waving her arms.

• Give your child toys that makes varying noises. This will help her understand the action and reaction of hitting particular noises.

• You can show your child that different items make variety of noises when you hit or touch them. You can use items with contrasting sounds like a bell or a drum or a rattle. Your child will be able to recognize the differences between various objects and their sounds soon enough.

• Give her new textures so that she can not only touch but can also mouth. This also helps her recognize some of the differences between various objects when she sees them.

Sensory Activities

Sensory activities for your child focus in improving her five senses and the ways in which it is used:

• To begin with, you can hang something very colourful above her cradle. It should also move around with the wind so that it is possible for her to follow the colours easily with her eyes.

• Make your child used to the sense of touch, by gently touching and tickling her. She will recognize the importance of touch soon, as she giggles because of your touch.

• To improve her sensory skin, it is essential that there is a lot of skin-to-skin contact between the child and her parent.

• Help the baby develop her listening skills, sing different songs to her. You should also talk to her continuously, and call her name out instantly. This also develops her vocabulary skills as time passes.

• In front of the mirror, tap the image and say the name of the baby aloud. With the passing time, she will be able to understand the girl in the mirror is herself.

• Touch different parts of your baby and say ‘beep’ out loud. Your baby might start watching the movement of your hand and start anticipating your touch before it happens.


The article above shows the overall personality development of your baby which makes the baby more intelligent to recognize things before it happens to her. These activities infuse the development of rapport towards the environment and things around her.

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