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Baby Care Products for Summer Season

They have tender skin, which gets affected by extreme summer heat easily. With quality and proper baby care products, your babies will have great and tension free summers.

So, make your baby feel cool and energetic with these baby friendly summer care products:

2. Soaps and body washes: Gentle and skin friendly soaps and body washes keeps your baby fresh and rejuvenated all day. Quality products from Chicco, Cetaphil, Mamaearth, Himalaya, Mother care, Sebamed, MeeMee and Pegion all gentle and skin friendly. They are clinically approved and are free from Paraben, alcohol and all kinds of harmful dyes. All the products are hypoallergenic and are specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. All the products are formulated with ingredients that soothe the sensitive and irritated skin during summers. Bathing with these soaps and body washes during summers, your baby will feel fresh, cool and comfortable.

2. Talcum powder: Talcum powder is best summer coolant that is available for babies. Babies generally get rashes in their thighs and hips due to use of diapers or sweat. Talcum powder applied will reduce the rashes and redness of babies and gives them soothing and cooling effect. Powder can act as coolant during extreme summers which will give soothing effect to your little one. Powders of quality brands like Chicco, Sebamed, Himalaya, Mother care and Pigeon that are formulated keeping in mind the delicate and sensitive skin of your baby. They are formulated with ingredients that absorb excess oil from the body of your little one. They keep the skin of the baby dry and soft for longer duration during summers. They are totally safe and chemical free. Application of talcum powder from these companies will relieve your baby from harmful rash and redness caused due to excessive use of diapers. They also include anti perspiring element that is ideal to soak the sweat of your baby. They also have anti bacterial properties that help the baby to stay happy and cool for longer period of time. All these brands are trusted and most preferred ones, applying talcum powder of these brands during summers will enable your baby to breathe in a natural way.

3. Creams: Skin cream protects the skin from extreme heat and gives soothing and refreshing feel. When it comes to your little ones always pick quality and clinically tested creams for your little ones. Go for creams that are fragrance and dye free to avoid irritating your baby’s skin. Chicco Nappy cream, Himalaya baby cream and diaper rash, Mother care nappy cream, Aveeno moisturizing cream, Mamaearth sunscreen cream and Pigeon are well known brands and have formulated skin friendly baby skin cream that will protect the skin of your little one during summers and also keep them cool and comfortable. All these creams are free from paraben, mineral oil and synthetic colors. They preserve natural skin oils of the baby’s skin and moisturize and sooth the skin during summers.

4. Shampoo: Shampooing is to be done almost every day during summers as the hair gets wet due to sweat and thus becomes sticky and uncomfortable for the baby. Clinically tested hair wash and shampoos from Chicco, mother care good bye tears shampoo, Mama earth, Aveeno, Mustela, Sebamed, Loreal, Avengers, Los Pitufos OS Smurfs, Disney, Farlin, Himalaya and Pigeon all provide skin friendly, gentle and tear free shampoo. All the shampoos are formulated to cleanse the fine delicate baby’s hair without irritating the eyes. They are free from parabens, dyes, alcohol, SLS and SLES and are hypoallergenic. They have softening properties to moisturize the hair and prevent the formation of tangles.

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