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Parents do not leave any stone unturned when they are shopping for their baby as they want to give the best of the best to their little bundle of joy. Baby’s, very well understands this and thus have wide range of baby product range. All the products that are displayed for sale are from best well know leading brands, tested for their best quality and are comparatively reasonable.


Here is the list of baby product range at Baby’s World website:



Product range



Feeding & Nursing

All the products related to nursing and feeding right from feeding bottles, breast pumps,

Silicone nipple shields, breast pads, bottles nipples bottle carriers, insulated bottles

Warmer cans etc all from well known brands like Chicco, MEE MEE at best competitive prices



Health & Safety

Every product relating to health and well being of your baby – bottle brush, disinfectant, nail

Scissors, concentrated fabric softener, digital thermometer, diaper box, liquid cleanser, cotton swabs, digital video baby monitor, mosquito net etc from well known brands like Eagle, Farlin, Pigeon, Baby Boo etc.


Bath & skin care

Bathing comes under daily routine and is vital for your baby’s health. Good products used for bathing helps in keeping your baby fresh and healthy. Gentle body wash, tears free shampoo,

Bath foam, soft cleansing wipes, nappy cream, massage oil, hands and mouth wipes, hair brush comb, soft bath towels, tooth paste, body lotion, liquid talc etc – presented from well known

Brands like Chicco, Mother care, LuvLap, Palmers etc.


Baby gear

Taking your baby out in the park is now not a hectic task anymore and thanks to the baby gear products – buggy, walkers, strollers, fun bikes etc. from Sunbaby and LuvLap brands. These

Strollers and walkers are not only sturdy but are also safe and risk free. Also one can make a

Choice between attractive tri cycle, pram cum stroller, car seat, baby carrier, dinning chair,

Cradles etc



It is vital aspect as far as hygiene and comfort of baby is concerned. Products like toiler trainer,

New born diapers ( from most trusted brands – Himalaya, Pampers, Libero, Mamy Poko), antiseptic cream, diaper rash cream, mother bags, water proof bed and protector sheet that supports and comprehends the healthy diapering needs of your baby.


Sheets & towels

Soft velvet towel, water proof bed sheet, dry mattress, baby record book – from well known brands like MEE MEE, Teddy patch at the best competitive rates.


Clothes & footwear

All clothes from daily wear to party wear to casuals presented from latest brands – Cucumber, Pink

Rabbit etc are available in trendy designs and stylish looks that one cannot resist to avoid. Foowear

Category one can browse between baby socks, baby caps, cute little baby shoes and sandals with exquisite designs and attractive colors best matching to the dress of your baby.


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