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Baby products for newborn in Hospital

All the parents would want to keep everything required and not miss a single thing which is required by the baby. Some hospitals do provide certain things during the stay like diapers, mother’ gown etc., so it is advisable to gather other things and keep them ready so that there is no last moment confusions and hurry burry.

Here is the list of baby products for new born in hospitals:

1. Diapers: These are essential for the baby so the diaper bag comes very handy.

2. Mother’s Feeding Gown: Nursing starts from day one, depending upon the condition of mother and the baby. Feeding gowns are comfortable for mother as she begins to share a beautiful bond by feeding her little one and thus becomes the essential item in the list. Always go for loose and comfortable clothes so that you will find easy to nurse your baby.

3. Baby Outfit: Some hospitals do provide outfit of the baby during the period of the stay. In case the hospital does not have any such provision, you have to keep the outfit of your baby ready. Outfit is based on seasons say if it is winter then keep socks, woolen clothes, caps ready and for summer season arrange cotton and warm clothes which are light breathable since the skin of the new born is extremely delicate.

4. Wipes and Ointments: Diaper wipes is another item that has to be included in the list. Sometimes babies develop rashes due to diapers, as a healing to those keep ready rash cream as prescribed by the doctor.

5. Other Items: Warm blankets for baby and the mother in case climate is cool, nursing bra, mom’s hair brush, tooth brush, mirror and few toiletry essentials.

6. Slippers and Flip- Flops: Pack the slippers that are comfortable and easy to slip in and slip out to wear as you walk around the hospital ward.  Pack some flip – flops for using in the shower.

7. Lip Balm: As you deliver, your body undergoes loads of changes both from inside and from outside. Some of you may develop chapped lips during labor. So, having lip balm in hand will help keep your lips hydrated and comfortable.

8. Body Lotion or Massage Oil: Some moms to be find little massage during labor relaxing and if this is the case then include some lotion or oil in your hospital bag.

9. Comfortable Pillow: Your hospital will provide pillows but in case you are habituated in sleeping with the pillow you use regularly, then do take them along with you in the bag so that you can get good sound sleep and feel relaxed.

10. Going- Home Outfit: Considering the weather conditions, a body suit, booties and hat should be fine during warm climate but in winter pack mittens and a jacket or snowsuit to keep your baby warm.

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