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Baby Products Need for Feeding and Nursing

Feeding and nursing are important part in child care. It requires utmost care when you are nursing your baby. Care should be taken in terms of product you are using as quality of the products directly affects the health and hygiene of your baby.


Feeding and nursing is a broader perspective and using good quality products to transpire it, is important for your healthy growth of your baby. Following table shows the different products that count for healthy feeding and nursing spree and its uses:

Sr No Product Name Uses Baby World Products
  • Breast pump
  • Used to express breast milk which can be stored in bottle for later use
  • Quality pumps that gives comfort, warm feel and allows good milk flow. Brands – Medela, Avent, Pigeon, Chicco, MeeMee, all well
  • Breast pad
  • Prevent leaking of milk
  • Antibacterial branded pads of with improved absorbency for better comfort and longer protection ensuring maximum dryness.
  • Breast pad
  • Solves persistent latch on problems
  • Philips, Farlin brands that prevents leakage and back flow of milk
  • Feeding pillow & gown
  • Pillows Helps in getting good latch while feeding Gowns with zippers helps in easy nursing of the baby

  • Comfortable pillow for baby’s tender skin some of them comes with mosquito net Stylish and comfortable gowns made of fine quality with front zip opening making the nursing easy.

  • Feeding bottles
  • To feed infant formula and expressed breast milk

  • Pigeon, Dr. brown, Avent, MeeMee bottles made of durable plastic, ultra soft silicon nipple, easy to hold and handle, crystal clear transparency.

  • Bottle covers
  • Protecting the bottles

  • Vibrant colors and soft textures made to protect the bottle from dirt and scratch. Easy to wash and maintain.

  • Nipples
  • For feeding milk

  • Dr. Brown, Avent, Farlin, Chicco and Pegion made from high grade silicone and have unique valve for good flow of milk.

  • Sterilizer & warmer
  • Cuts down transmission of smallest germs that can even be missed by soap or water.

  • Branded sterilizers that removes germs from bottles and are made from BPA free materials and warmers to keep bottles and even food warm.

  • Bottle and nipple brush
  • 360 degree Cleaning of the bottles and nipples.

  • Branded brushes combination of sponge and high density bristles for thorough cleaning and chevron channels at base for cleaning nipples.

  • Bottle cleaners
  • For through and hygienic cleaning of bottles

  • Pigeon, chicco and other brands liquid cleaners made from food grade ingredients formulated with edible ingredients that remove even the stubborn milk stains and gentle for tender baby skin.

  • Sippers & cups
  • For easy drinking of liquids to baby.

  • Non spill sippers, of food gradable plastics, vibrant looks with snap top to keep spout clean, wide mouth for easy cleaning.

  • Teethers, soothers & pacifiers
  • Aids in teething process of your baby.

  • Silicon gum soothers relieve discomfort during teething massages and sore gums. Easy to grasp and are soothing. Available in tempting designs and are soothing for baby’s delicate gums. A good source of stimulation.

  • Baby bedding sets & pillows
  • For ensuring good night sleep

  • Beds and pillows made from soft materials with mosquito net, sturdy construction providing all round comfort to your baby.

  • Food & supplements
  • Baby weaning foods for healthy base and strength.

  • Organic cereals made of rice, oats, biscuits, farley’s rusk, Heinz baby rice, chocolate biscuits etc. loaded with minerals, vitamins, calcium needed for healthy brain development and strong bones and with no artificial flavors and preservatives.

  • Bibs & hankies
  • For cleanliness.

  • Attractive bibs and hankies to prevent baby’s clothes from spills and stains, with waterproof layers and easy to take and off and clean.

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