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Best Birthday Gift for Your Growing Kids

Selecting gift for a child to be given on his/her birthday is no cake walk activity. What really matters is the kid loves and likes the gift presented and also the gift is useful for the growing kid in a productive manner.

Here are few best birthday gift ideas for growing kids that will make their special day even more special:

1. Books:

Books are and person’s best friend. When it comes to kids they are the most sought of memento. Books not only enhance the vocabulary but also develop good command on the language. It develops better communication and logical thinking skills which will be useful for them academically. Books enhance concentration in growing kids; grooms their self discipline, develops longer attention span and provides better memory retention. Also knowledge of reading is fun and kids those who are exposed to books are much likely to choose books over video games, television and other forms of entertainment as they grow old.

2. Innovative and brain games:
All work and no play make the Jack the dull boy and it is beneficial for kids to indulge in some gaming activity for relaxation and overall development. Brain and innovative games aids in creative thinking and foresight in kids. Games like chess, scrabble and rubik cube enhances the intellectual power and thinking ability of the kids. Games that are played in group like Business, Carrom etc. with family and friends help in developing special and robust bond among the players; which is vital in this hurry burry life. Also leadership skills such as motivating ad persuading other players to follow certain strategy develop good thinking power among kids at growing age. Other play things like bicycle, cricket game kit etc enhance the physical development of the child and make them physically strong and healthy.

3. Pets:

Pets are loved by most people. In fact people who own pets consider them as part and parcel of their family and have great emotional attachment towards them. For growing kids pet can be great birthday gift as they can play with them and also in the process of taking care of the pets they eventually develop a sense of responsibility and feeling of care which is important aspect to be inculcated in growing kids.

4. Travel treat:

Kids like to explore to new places. A surprise journey to their favorite place can be the best birthday gift that they will cherish till eternity. Family travel enhances the bond of the family members and develops healthy relationship between them. Also travel rejuvenates the mind and refreshes the soul. A trip to nearby hill station or adventure area can be best birthday gift for your growing kids.

5. Attire:

Growing kids like to dress up themselves and this is specially seen in girls. They like to don new and stylish dress. So gifting new trendy dress to your kids on their birthdays will be best option. Kids will cherish this gift and every time they wear it their memories will travel back to their sweet birthday bash.

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