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Best Toys list for under 3 year baby

Toys are perfect gift for children of all the ages. Kids easily related themselves to toys and enjoy playing with them. Selection of toys for your kids is based on the age of your child. As your child’s age increases his/her choice of toys also varies. What toy a one year old child likes, six year may not even relate with. Based on the growing ability of the child one has to select the type of toys.

Here is the list of toys for babies under 3 years old that aid in developing and strengthening fine motor skills of the child:

1. Picture toys:

Kids under this age begin to understand the things around them. They learn about names of animals, birds, types of fruits and other things. Buying picture toys that contains picture of animals, birds and such other things will be great option as such toys will not only educate them but also will create great enthusiasm in them and they can learn new things just by seeing picture. Also picture toys introduce them to alphabets that they are going to learn in future. Picture alphabetical blocks will introduce them to alphabets and as it is correctly said that picture speaks a thousand words, so with pictures in front of them kids can grasp things easily.

2. Puzzles:

Three year olds are growing up with mind full of imagination in full gear. They love to ask questions about everything and have fun in solving different puzzles. Picture puzzles of their favorite cartoon or that of animals or vegetables will help them enhance their thinking ability and imagination capacity. Matching the puzzle blocks is perfect exercise not only for the brain but also for the eyes and hands as both are put to work together thus brushing up the fine motor skills of the child. View Details

3. Battery powered ride ons:

Battery driven vehicles are always fun and kids enjoy them the most. Often they see elders, their parents driving cars and scooters so when they are given battery driven cars and when the kids sit with steering in the hands they get the great feeling as even they can drive the vehicles which elders drive. A perfect gift for seeing million dollar smile in the face of your kids. View Details

4. Themed play sets:

Building up themes is another interesting aspect that any three year old would love to enjoy. It involves creating castles, house theme etc. This game will not only increase the imaginative thinking capacity of the child but also it will brush up his/her fine motor skills as it involves fixing the little things to make beautiful themes. It also gives a great sense of satisfaction to the kids when they see their theme which they built up stands tall and perfect.

5.  Small trains, cars and other vehicles:

Playing hand driven or cell driven toys like cars, trains etc are enjoyed by kids of this group. They have their own way of playing with them. Some kids make stories for themselves and then play with these vehicles say for e.g. they view themselves as police and in the process of catching thieves they enjoy playing with cars etc.

6. Physical games:

Small basket ball basket or foot ball net can be best option to increase the physical ability of the kids. These can be easily installed in the house and are safe to play. Kids will not only enjoy playing these games but also such games contribute to overall physical development of the child by making them fit and strong.

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