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Brain Boosting Kids’ or Baby’s Toys Online

However, there are certain games that are specially designed and develop to boost the brain of your kids as they grow. These toys engage your child in brain stimulating activities and provide required growth and exercise to the brain thus enhancing the creative and thinking skills. It is in fact crucial to nurture your child’s brain before they turn 5 as 90% of the brain development occurs by age of 5 years.

For babies under 3 years old, developing the fine motor skills and good eye hand management is required as they grow. Such games boost many of skills of your baby as he/she gets prepared for the main school. And for kids over age of 3 years, such games aid in increasing their concentration, develop thinking skills and aids them in proper management and planning skills.

Brain boosting games for kids are:

1. Dominoes: It is grade school game that has many tiles in it. As against traditional dots embossed on the tiles, characters of Disney or animals are now used to attract and appeal the kids. It is good way to get kids to recognize numbers or objects quickly, it also is good to sharpen the ability of the kids to spot patterns as one should find the perfect match. It also sharpens critical thinking and strategy planning, as older kids have to decide on how to maximize the points.

2. Building blocks: This is one of the most basic games that has been in market since years and is still the most demanded game among parents. It helps the child to recognize colors, enables to understand and recognize shapes. It enhances creativity and stimulates the mind – the major areas of child development.

3. Puzzles: Puzzles are best brain game exercise as child must join various pieces to crack the answer for the puzzle. It is one game that you cannot help missing as it boosts confidence of the child which is inculcated when he finishes cracking the puzzle. It also improves eye had coordination and thinking aspect of the child.

4. Word hunt: Alphabet cards, blocks or magnets with different words aids in alphabet recognition, memory improvement and word formation as the child makes words from the picture shown and vise versa.

5. Mazes: Mazes are big hit among the kids and are perfect brain boosting activity as the kids indulge in finding out the way from different mazes. It improves motor skills, aids in good imagination and provides problem solving experience.

6. Board games: Board games are hit among all the kids. Even many parents can easily relate to many board games of today. Snakes n ladders, chess, business etc. where famous earlier and are in great demand even among today’s generation. Board games teaches patience as kids has to wait for their turn and this is a virtue that comes in handy when you take your toddler as he has to wait for his turn for many things in future. Chess aids the foresight as the kid has to prepare strategy to beat the opponent.  Business teaches the kid the value of money and how the transactions in real life are made.

Brain boosting games stimulates the brain of the child, improves the personality and provides good exercise to the kids as they get prepared to meet various challenges in their life.

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