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Checklist for Newborn, Every MOM must know

Here is a checklist for new born, every mom must know. These are must haves will get the new born parents through the first challenging weeks easily:

1. Clothing: First thing you should have in hand is the clothing – right from nappies, socks, outfits etc. Feeding gown for mother, hat and socks for the mother to keep her warm should be arranged well in advanced, to avoid last moment rush and tension.

2. Diapers: Whether you are planning on using disposable or cloth diapers, you need to have good numbers of them. Running out of diapers can be disastrous, particularly during odd hours. So, it is advisable to stock up good amount of diapers.

3. Wipes or cotton: A new mom may need reusable wipes or cotton to wipe her hands and the baby parts. Stock dozens of them as you may need them for wiping hands and nursing your baby.

4. Linens: For new born baby hygiene is important and one should have many clothes – for wrapping it, receiving it, blankets, waterproof linens, crib mattress pads etc. All the baby clothes should be separately washed using good quality detergent and antiseptic/disinfectant liquid.

5. For travel: If you are taking the baby for a ride in car, then care should be taken that the baby is comfortable in the journey. Arrange for rear facing infant car seat with head support padding, stroller, sun shields for car windows, diaper bag etc.

6. Find support help: It is difficult to look after the baby for first few weeks and a new born mom and dad will find it difficult to handle the entire affair. Ad it is new experience for them, they will find it difficult to cope with the new responsibility. It is the time to find support help either from the family or from friends. If you are not able to get any help from the family then it is better you appoint maid or nurse.

7. Baby toiletries: Your baby toiletries should be kept separate in hygienic place. Baby soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, massage oils etc. all need to have separate place in the bathroom and see to it that only to get access to it and it is not used by any other person.

8. Breast pumps: If you are nursing mom, then you will need a breast pump to extract the milk from the breasts that helps you to nurse your baby properly and to feed it at right time. Sometimes it so happens that your baby is not able to suck the milk properly or you develop cramps in the breast, here breast pumps comes handy to lactate your little one.

9. Diaper bin: You may require separate dustbin for used diaper disposal. Keep it near your bed so that it is readily available during odd hours.

10. Breast friendly nursing pillow: You may need pillow to support your breast feeding. They support infant feeding that is developed to satisfy breast feeding. It is designed to provide support to mom and baby through lactating. It assures comfortable position for the mom and the baby, promoting an emotional bonding experience.

11. Crib sheets: Help your baby to get good night’s sleep with comfortable and cozy crib sheets and give your baby sweet and happy dreams.

12. Camera: Clicking memorable moments and preserving them for viewing it if future is the best part that one can do with the little bundle of joy. Keep a camera ready with you to click the adorable and loving moments of your baby. Remember these moments are million-dollar worth as they develop robust and unconditional bond between you and the baby. So, click them and capture them in your camera for future viewing.

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