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Choose the Right Diaper for Your Kids

Diapering is one of the important a thing that comes in the phase of nurturing your baby. Choosing right diaper for the kids is more important to make your baby feel comfortable and fresh all throughout the day.

Here are some important aspects based on which you can choose right diaper for your kids:

1. Pampers: Mostly recommended by doctors and trusted by parents, Pamper diapers are manufactured using state of art technology that distribute wetness evenly into 3 extra absorb channels. Its magical layer locks wetness inside, offering 12 hour dryness. It is reigning brand in Indian market and is best for baby’s tender and delicate skin. It comes in 8 standard sizes that are available for babies from new born  to babies with size 26 to 39 kgs. A perfect choice for baby’s tender skin.

2. Mamy Poko Pants: This brand has the credit of introducing first pant style diapers in India, which became popular among parents and thus it captured majority of Indian market. It has 12 hour absorption capacity that makes it unique among other competing brands. This diaper comes with soft elastic that takes care of delicate skin of the baby and keeps him/her comfortable all through the day. It is developed using advanced features making it skin friendly and hygienic. It is made after considering size, motor skills of the baby and the consistency of urine and stools. It is available in all sizes from new born up to 25 kgs size. The best part is its pant style is easy to use and makes the baby feel comfortable. Pant style diapers are best option if you are travelling with your baby.

3. Libero: If you want your baby to be free from any sort of harsh chemicals, then Libero is the best option to go for. Made from natural soft and skin friendly natural ingredients – Aloe vera, vitamin, Chamomille and Olive oil – all keeps the skin of the baby fresh and makes it feel comfortable. Libero diapers are airy such that it allows baby’s skin to breathe properly by letting air through essential parts. It is developed using technology that maintains leakage and keeps the outer layer perfectly dry against the baby’s skin. If you are planning to take your kids to a party or make him/her participate in some kid’s dance competition, then best option to go for is Libero’s new dance edition that provides optimum comfort and care for your baby enabling activity, enjoyment and dance. Available in all sizes from New born to baby with weight 17kgs.

4. Himalaya: Himalaya brand is known for coming out with herbal products. The company incorporates herbs and other natural ingredients that are beneficial for health and well being. The company adopts same philosophy of chemical free product with its diapers and has come out with diapers that are enriched with natural ingredients – Aloe vera and Yashada Bhasma; which makes it popular brand in the market as most parents prefer to have chemical free products for their baby and kids. It is developed in such a manner that it provides protective shield that reduces activity of harmful enzymes and prevents growth of microbes and diaper rash. Its super absorbent layer enables the diaper absorb multiple wettings. So if you want to do away harsh chemicals from your baby then Himalaya diapers are the best option to go for. It’s natural ingredients makes it harmless most preferred product.  Great comfort at the most economical price.

It comes in various sizes ranging from small, medium and large depending on the weight of the baby.  For MoreInfo: Baby’s World – Baby Products Online

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