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Decorate Baby’s Room on a Budget

Decorating a baby’s room may appear like a costly affair but don’t worry if your budget doesn’t outstretch to creating the baby room of your dreams. Contrary to the messages put out by glossy advertisement, you don’t need to shell out a small fortune on brand new items when it comes to creating a new baby room.

If you’re prepared to put an extra effort, you can find some special bargains that won’t break your budget. This article enlists you all the things you can do while planning to decorate your own baby room:

How to find an affordable cradle :

Find any resale shops to check if you can discover any hidden gems that fulfill the desired safety specifications. You may require to spend a little bit of time and money to update a cradle that has seen better days but it is still affordable instead of buying new one. It’s also worth asking around from your friends or family if they have a cradle which they no longer needed and would be glad to pass onto you.

If you opt the second had route, ensure that your cradle meets current safety regulations. Make sure the older cradle you get don’t pose any lead paint issue which can become one of your safety concern. If you can find a convertible cradle, this is a big advantage. Because these types of cradles can extend to become a bed, they will prove to be a huge money saver for you in the long-run and are a good investment if you can afford to have one.

Finding furniture for less :

If you don’t wish on having brand new furniture in your baby’s room, just take a look around garage sales, flea markets and Goodwill stores. Also, you can ask your friends and family if they’re having any baby furniture which they don’t require anymore. If it’s surplus for them, they’re most likely to offer you rather than keeping hold of it because they’re not sure how best to get rid of it.

Spend less on bedding : Stores like Walmart are selling cheapest bedding so you don’t need to search thoroughly in garage sales and Goodwill shops for used bedding items.

Decorating for less:

When it’s the time to selecting your colour scheme, think about the décor type that will still be suitable for you in the coming years. It might not be as pretty as traditional “baby” colours but you won’t have to redecorate it often. Stenciled designs on the walls can prove to be costly affair and you don’t need to be specifically “arty” to do this. Wall decals are another perfect fuss-free option, especially if you do re-decorate at a later date.

To Sum up:

1. Above all, think safety

Whether you buy the most costly products or borrow from friends, you should not undermine safety regulations. Older items, whether picked up or borrowed at garage sales, might not fulfill safety standards. They are no bargain. Pass them up and search for items that are safe for your little one.

2. Use Hand-Me-Downs

Accept the gifts from new mothers as they’ll be happy to pass along the things as their baby has outgrown or doesn’t need anymore. Seek from a friend or relative whose baby is older than yours, they’ll be happy to pass on the cradle or bassinet which you need the most.

3. Buy used ones

Garage sales, flea markets, and consignment stores are a great place to buy already-used pieces. You’ll be able to save a lot of money over new retail and get higher quality than you’d get otherwise. Look at the basic structure and durability of the piece. You can always paint or refinish it to go in your desired space.

4. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Don’t just shop for toys and gadgets for fun. Just stick to your budget and buy those stuffs which you need most for your baby.

5. Make choice for now and later

If you’re planning to buy a baby’s nursery, think for long-term. Choose a color scheme that will last long at least five years through your baby’s early years. Soft yellow, soft green, and sky blue can span the years well.

6. Do It Yourself

Craft your baby’s nursery yourself from basic woodwork, painting to sewing skills. Try hand-painted design and paint your hand-me down furniture in fun colours. Paint patterns on the walls with colours and use scrap pieces of wood for building the wall shelves. This will be entertaining for you too.