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Different Bottles and Nipples for Babies

There are umpteen numbers of bottles available and to select one that best suits your baby is something difficult. Some babies take to first bottle they try, while others go through a dozens of different brands before they find one.

Material has to be safe, BPA free and of superior quality.

Among many brand available here are few ones that are most trusted and opted for by most of the parents:

1. Philips Avent: It is number one choice of feeding bottles amongst moms not in India but all across the globe. The size of bottles varies from 125ml, 260ml and 330 ml. The bottle comes with advanced anti colic valve, comfortable shape and made from BPA free material.

2. Brown’s Feeding Bottle: Dr. Brown feeding bottles patented no vacuum design that prevents fluid in ear and reduces colic. They have 4 levels of nipples that stimulate milk flow of breast feeding thus helping to minimize nipple confusion. The bottles are available in 120ml and 240ml.

3. Chicco Well Being: Made from BPA free polypropylene, this bottle has anti colic valve that avoids swallowing of air and helps reduce colics, hiccups and vomiting. They also provide teats that are best suited for new born as well as older babies.

4. Pigeon: Pigeon glass Nurser is one of the best quality and economically priced glass feeding bottles. It is fabricated with double layered borosilicate glass and is most preferred choice by parents. It can be cleaned easily unlike plastics and this prevents stomach infection.

5. Tolly Joy: Advanced with anti colic valve and has nipple that has twin colic valves that helps make feeding more comfortable for babies. It has ergonomic shape that makes extra comfortable to hold and even forms easy grip for baby’s tiny hands. It comes with natural latch on that provides wide breast shape teat making it easy for the baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. It also has unique comfortable petals inside the teat to increase softness and flexibility without teat collapse.

6. Medela: These bottles are suitable for storing breast milk as well as for feeding babies. The bottle comes with a cap that helps store breast milk hygienically. It has wide based nipple to reduce nipple confusion.

Nipples have to be chosen based on the age and feeding nature of your baby:

Size one nipples have a small hole preferred for babies from birth to age of 6 months
Size two, three and four nipples have larger hole and are ideal for older babies

If your baby is premature one, special nipples for preemies are also available.

The ideal bottle nipple allows a few drops of milk to drip out as soon as you turn your bottle upside down and then dripping should stop. In case you find that milk is flowing too quickly for the baby, try nipple with smaller hole.

If you find that your baby is getting frustrated by sucking too hard, try a nipple with a larger hole. Standard nipples are tall and dome shaped. Other nipples replicate the shape of the breasts. Orthodontic nipples are shaped to fit inside your baby’s mouth – wide at the tip and base, narrow in the middle.

Latex: softer, can hold odor of milk, has tendency to wear out more quickly
Silicone: Strong, easier to clean and can last up to one year.

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