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Healthy Breast-Feeding Tips for New Moms

Breast milk is light and is easier to digest; moreover, it can be given anytime even in case baby is unwell. It also contains right balance of nutrients for the baby and the antibodies in the milk boost your baby’s immune system.

Here are few tips for healthy breast feeding:

    1. Try to breast feed within the first hour of birth. This helps your uterus to contract and provide valuable colostrums.

    2. Your breast milk comes to flow about third or fourth day of birth and you will know it as your breasts will increase several cup sizes.

    3. Plan to breast feed your child about 8 to 12 times in every 24-hour period. Baby is good at giving hunger signals – rooting around searching for your nipples, putting his/her hand in mouth and looking increasingly alert. Always feed on demand.

    4. Stay hydrated to ensure your body can make enough milk. A good idea is to sip from a glass of water when nursing.

    5. Nurse in a calm environment to help your milk let down.

    6. See that you get right latch. This is vital as if you do not have right latch, you end up with sore and perhaps damaged and cracked nipples. Get the lower part of the breast and the areola into baby’s mouth so that the nipple hits their high palette, which stimulates sucking.

    7. Use breast feeding props like nesting pillow, nursing pads (to prevent milk leaks).

    8. Always burp the baby after feed. In case you do not want the precious milk to be vomited by the baby, be sure to burp the baby well after feed. This will also help ease painful gas bubbles that often accumulate in baby’s belly, as their digestive system is still so delicate.

    9. Think of peaceful thoughts while feeding the baby and avoid any kind of tensions. Relax and be at peace so that the experience is more enjoyable and successful for both you and your baby.

    10. Focus on the little feet as babies always seem to nurse better when their feet are touching something, like your leg, arm of the chair, or pillow tucked next to you as it makes them feel more secure.

    11. Do not count minutes and leave the baby on the first breast until he/she comes off on her own and then offer the second breast. It is common to take one breast at some feedings and both breasts at some.

    12. Always encourage for mouthful feed. In other words, if you are breast feeding sitting upright, bring your baby to your breast once his mouth is completely open. Press between the shoulders firmly to bring him to you, while you support the breast. Your nipple will cover the roof of the baby’s mouth.

    13. Do not push the back of your baby’s head as it triggers baby’s instinct to resist and chomp down. Instead, put the hands at the nape of your baby’s neck and bring him slowly to your breast.

    14. Nurse your cracked nipple with lubricants like coconut oil or breast cream as suggested by the doctor. This will relieve any pain caused or crack developed during to breast feed and will make the journey more enjoyable rather than painful.

    Breast feeding is wonderful feeling and it strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. With these tips enjoy this beautiful feeling with delight and happiness. By Babys World 

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