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How to Choose Babies Bath and Skin Care Products

Today you as a parent will find market flooded with umpteen numbers of baby products that claim many things – purity, good quality etc. But when it comes to your little bundle of joy, no parent wants to take any chances and everyone wants to give their baby the best and quality products.

Bathing and skin care is one daily routine that your baby needs. It is vital for keeping your baby healthy, hygiene and fresh. There are many bath and skin care product options claiming many things, but as a parent you ought to be smart and cautious enough in choosing the right option for your child’s growing needs., India’s number one site caters A-Z needs of your baby. It is the site that many parents look up to for fulfilling the needs of their babies as the site showcases branded, good quality and hygienic baby products for sale that at the best competitive rates.

Here is the list of baby and skin care products that are best for your baby:

1. Soaps and Body Wash: There are many baby soaps available in the market but choosing the right one is important as the skin of the baby is tender and smooth. Always look for products that are paraben and phthalate free as they have chemicals that are potentially harmful to babies. Go for natural baby skin care products that are recommend by your pediatrician. Avoid perfumed or soaps with lot of lather in it. Go for gentle, moisturizing and mild soaps and body wash that are best for your baby’s tender and delicate skin. Choosing organic baby soaps and body wash is an even bigger plus to go for. Some best brands available are Chicco, Cetaphil, Himalaya, Sebamed, Pigeon – all take care of baby’s tender skin, helps in moisturizing and acts natural barrier of protection against bacteria.

2. Lotions, oils and powders: Another set of thing that forms the part and parcel of baby bath regime is lotions, oil and powders.  Massage oil hair oil and lotions become the daily routine of your baby’s health care. Always go for fragrance free lotion as while scents are delightful they can also irritate the skin. Go for mild and clinically proven lotion lotions. Lotions with pH value of 5.5 promotes development of acid mantle and always look for lotions free from nitro mochus compounds , formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. Sebamed, Pigeon, Himalaya Chicco all have excellent and baby friendly range of lotions.

Massage oils from Himalaya, Chicco and Sebamed are best options to go for. Look out for oil that is enriched with goodness of traditional Sesema, mustard or coconut oil. Not all oils suit the skin of your baby. Before trying on baby’s skin just dab a little on his/her hand and see whether it is compatible or not. Look out for trademark and expiry date before buying. Always prefer branded ones and cold pressed and unrefined oil for massage and the one that ensures high skin tolerability.

Baby powders- Himalaya, Chicco, Sebamed, Mee Mee  provides gentle and clinically tested powder best suitable for baby’s soft and delicate skin. Go for mild fragrance powder and the ones from good brands. Go for powder that is incredibly soft and absorbs excess moisture so that baby feels comfortable and fresh.

3. Baby Creams and Ointments: Select the cream and lotion that suits your baby’s delicate skin. Go for fragrance free, hypoallergenic, dermatological tested and PH balanced cream that moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin of the baby leaving it silky soft and supple. Pigeon, Sebamed, Himalaya have some best baby cream and lotion options suited for different skin of the babies.

4. Shampoos: Parents struggle a lot in selecting shampoo for their babies. Always go for organic shampoo that is mild, chemical free and is clinically proven. Look for shampoos that incorporate hypoallergenic products that are soap and sulphate free. Shampoos that are gentle and kind on the sensitive scalps, skin and eyes are the best one to opt for. Nourishing baby shampoo is pH neutral, low foaming and gently cleanses little scalps without causing any irritation on the eyes or ears of the baby. Disney, Gaia, MeeMee – all have great variety of shampoos.

5. Bathing Accessories: Bath towels and other accessories like shower cap that are soft and good for sensitive skin of baby is what is to be looked for. Bath sponge is perfect for body cleansing and the one that is made from soft material is to be selected for your little one so that they have fun filled bath.

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