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How to do Newborn baby shopping?

Going on a shopping spree is certainly not a cake walk activity especially if you have baby of board and the shopping is done for your little bundle of joy. Shopping for new born is the most joyful task filed with sense of responsibility of parenthood where every parent wants to shop the best for their baby.

Shopping for your baby can be overwhelming as there are umpteen numbers of attractive branded baby products to choose from. So it is better to start planning what you need to shop for pretty early so that there is not last minute hurry burry where some of essentials items might be left out.

Here are tips to be followed while shopping for your new born baby:

1. Make a list: If you have list in hand, you will not get confused and will never miss out any item. While preparing list keep in mind every little activity of your little one, every aspect and every season and shop accordingly.

2. Quality is vital: Always go for good quality and branded products when you are shopping for new born. Be it clothes, accessories, skin products see that they are of good quality and are baby skin friendly. Never compromise on the quality as the skin of your baby is tender and delicate so do not risk of harsh items that are sold at low rates.

3. Clothing: Clothes are first thing that you must buy for your new born. While selecting clothes keep in mind the season as in summer your baby will feel comfortable in light cotton clothes and in winter it will feel cozy in warm woolen clothes. Always go for soft fabric and avoid glitters and clothes with heavy button as it may cause irritation to the baby.

4. Bathing and cleaning: While shopping for this aspect always consult your pediatrician and buy bath soaps, cream and other skin products that as per the advice. Always prefer mild and fragrant free skin products for your baby. In case of any moisturizing cream first do patch test and then apply all over the body of the baby.

5. Diapering: Diapering is indispensible part of parenthood and this has to be chosen properly. Go for proper size and good quality diapers that have good soaking power so that your baby feels comfortable and dry for long hours.

6. Quantity and size: Kids tend to grow fast piling up many clothes is not good idea as your child will outgrow the clothes quickly so it is advisable to stock few items and keep repurchasing as a child grows. A good practice is to buy clothes that are slightly bigger so that your baby feels comfortable and relaxed and these clothes can be worn by baby for long time period.

7. Other items: Other items like health products viz. thermometer, medicines and other knick knacks like blanket, wipes, caps, anti bacterial detergent to wash the baby clothes, baby lotion and powder should be shopped keeping the quality and good brand name in mind.

Shopping for new born is new experience with great responsibility so one has to be wise in choosing from umpteen numbers of items available in the market. Remember you are shopping for your little bundle of joy so never compromise on quality.