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How to Dress Your Baby for Summer Season?

Babies have to be taken care of well during this season and much care has to be taken about their clothing. As the baby is not able to communicate, it is very difficult to understand whether the baby is feeling too hot or not. Extreme heat can be dangerous to the babies and so beat the heat for your little one by adopting correct dressing retreat.

As the skin of the baby is delicate, proper care has to be taken while dress them during summers. What is more important is to make the baby feel comfortable and cool. Here are few tips for dressing up your baby for summer season:

1. Go cotton:

Cotton clothes are the most preferred clothes during summer as they have the capacity of absorbing sweat that is released from the body. The cotton being good absorber absorbs sweat and releases it to the atmosphere and thus makes the body cool. Also cotton fabric gives required comfort to the baby by making feel cool and pleasant.

2. Prefer loose clothing:

During summers it is highly advisable to go for loose clothes. As perspiration is more during summers, tight clothes causes body rashes and itching. So it is always better to go for loose clothes so that your

baby will be comfortable and feel fresh


3. Choose light colored fabrics:

Light color attract less heat and can be much more comfortable for your baby. Light colors like white or pastels reflect light and thus keep the body temperature of baby cool. Also light colored clothes looks softer and cooler.

4. Leave the shoes and keep the socks:

Babies do not need shoes until they move around. However socks are best way to keep baby’s feet warm if they are inside the air conditioned room. And in case they are outside in summer then even socks are not needed.

5. Look for surrounding when picking night dress:

Many a times parents worry about temperature of the baby while he/she is at sleep. Look at the surrounding before deciding the night dress for your baby. In case you sleep in air conditioned room it is advisable to

keep baby warm so dress the baby in a heavier sleeper

or wrap him in a muslin blanket. Avoid adding loose blankets to the baby’s crib to keep him warm as they can cause suffocation to the baby. In warmer homes where there is no air conditioning, a light sleeper will keep your baby warm and cool.

6. Use talcum powder:

Before dressing the baby shower the areas that are prone to sweat like neck area, under arms with talcum powder. Doing so will protect the baby from heat rashes and will also make the baby feel cool and fresh.

7. Pick a sun hat:

If you are planning to take your baby out then make it wear sun hat with a wide brim – with five inches wide. It is great way for keeping the sun out of the baby’s eyes and also off the skin. Many new born hats come with the strap that attaches under the chin, which can be helpful in keeping the hat on your baby’s head but keep watch on the strap as your baby moves and see to it that it is not tight on the neck of the baby.

In other words dress the baby the way you like yourself to be dressed up in summer. The main intention is to beat the heat with loose cotton clothes so that we feel warm and fresh.

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