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How to Save Money When Buying For Baby

When you’re sprouting a bump, being more cost-conscious automatically comes to the top of your mind. But how exactly do you save when you have a baby still remains a question? Well, the good news is: whether your little bundle of joy may prove to be expensive for you but they are not that expensive as they seem out to be, newborns especially.

There are various ways you can cut back on how much you’re shelling out cash that will pay you off in the long-run. This article gives you ample of ways where you can save cash while you buy for your baby.

1. Shop online for necessary items

Take care to buy must-have items first on the internet which needs to be bought in bulk(diapers and formula) but not unnecessary things(such as toys and clothes), and prefer places that don’t charge a service fee from you and offer you free shipping. And if required, set-up automatic re-order feature so you aren’t persuaded to click around and end up with a shipment full of stuff you end up regretting.

2. Become smart about buying diapers

Get the best deal for over next few years as it’s an expense you’ll be shelling out every time so opt for certain rules -Rule 1: Never buy diapers at full price as you can always get them on sale. Compare the diapers prices of various brands that offer you the same quality before buying and always check the brand’s site for coupons. You will get the one which offers you diapers at a concessional price—go for such brand. BabysWorld is the site where you can get diapers at a concessional price. Just type the code HIMALAYA 25 and get extra 5% off on every 3 large size diaper.

3. Ask your pediatrician for samples

If you have plans to bottle feed, the cost of formula might have the changes for you going a major case of sticker shock. When you leave the hospital finally, stock up your diaper bag with as much formula as the nurses are willing to provide you. Always be prepared to ask—most healthcare facilities won’t provide you unprompted. And don’t hesitate to request freebies from your pediatrician too. She can provide you with everything from formula to eczema cream.

4. Choose convertible gear

Selecting a cradle that converts to a toddler bed is something that should be on your list even if you’ve heard about many times. It’s a big money saver. But other gear can pull double duty as well. From strollers to high chairs, various items will grow right along with your kid so you aren’t willing to always buy another piece of baby gear. When you browse the aisles of your baby store, ask the salesperson to show you the best 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 options.

5. Take the No New Baby Clothes Challenge

When it comes to the stuff that contribute to the health and safety of your toddler, you can’t wiggle out of buying something you totally depend on. But clothes that your infant will outgrow in a few months so what will you do? It’s best to go for a lot of onesies and other outfits that can last for six months. You can also find moms who are willing to do clothing swaps with you and you just can binge on with them.

6. Buy at the end of the month

When it’s the time to buy big-budgeted stuff, try doing it later in the month. There are various stores which ask the salespeople to meet their specific sales goals, so there are higher chances you’ll hit a better deal when the person helping you is feeling the pressure to fulfill their quota. It’s improbable that they’ll shave huge chunks of money off the price, but a few negotiating tactics that will most possibly bag you a great deal. If you’re buying a pricey piece of stroller or baby gear, consider opting if you can get extra discounts or use any coupons.

7. Share your stuff with your munchkin

The cost of your baby’s beauty routine such as shampoos, soaps, and lotions can give rise to your bills. Borrow this idea from Jenifer, a mom of a baby girl said “I was looking over my receipts and I realized that some of my daughter’s bath-time products I was buying for her were more expensive than my own. It was crazy—she didn’t even have hair! So I decided to buy a scent-free and gentle stuff that I could use on both of us”.

8. Cash in on items you don’t need

Consider receiving receipts of baby gifts so that you can return the stuff that are either duplicates or you don’t need them—probably doesn’t fall very high on your to-do list. But returning them can really be worthy of your money. If you have gifts receipt, you can get your money back, which you can keep them aside for future baby-related expenses.

9. Consider borrowing

To save some bucks, you can consider borrowing some items which you need for a short amount of time. One mom narrating her stuff which she buys for her baby got connected with her friend’s sister who then allowed her to use her baby’s bassinet. So, this mom’s problem got solved while she gets the bassinet for her own baby so that she can make her munchkin sleep in her own room.

10. Go the reusable note

If you have been exhausted of swiping your credit card always at the time to buy. Consider buying reusable items such as cloth diapers or breast pads. Not always to continually purchase the disposable version can obviously help cut baby-related costs in the long run.


After going through the above article, you must have understood various ways where you can cut your expenses bill when you buy stuff for your baby. Every time you need to gauge your expenses bill to know which items are much needed to buy or which not, for the time being especially when you have brought home your new baby.