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How to take care of new born baby?

Nurturing the baby is not a cake walk activity. Even those who are experienced think umpteen numbers of times before making decision about baby’s needs.

Your baby is your world and you as a parent are extra cautious when it comes to taking care of your little bundle of joy.

Here is the list of items that are available in Baby’s that take care of your baby’s growing needs:

1. Mosquito net: Mosquitoes are the most dreadful insects that are harmful and spread various types of dreadful diseases. It is therefore necessary to protect your little one from these creatures so that your baby gets good night sleep and protective shield from the dangerous mosquitoes. Eagle brand of mosquito net is designed to provide all round protection to your baby. It is light in weight, foldable and portable and is ideal for home and travelling. It comes in vibrant and attractive colors and varied sizes. Also Johnson baby anti mosquito clear lotion and Surety mosquito repellent patches also help to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

2. Baby nail cutter: To trim the nails of the little one is a tedious task as one must be careful not to harm the delicate skin of the baby. The site thus has Stony Angel nail cutter that is designed keeping in mind the soft skin of the little one. This nail cutter comes with no sharp edges and thus offers full safety. Also it can be easily cleaned both before and after use. It has no sharp edges, has good firm grip and is suitable from birth. Papa nail clipper is also the best one to opt for.

3. Bottle brush: Mother’s milk is best for your baby. But in case you ought to give outside feed then cleanliness is the most important thing that should be first taken care of. The bottles should be properly cleaned so that it is free from germs and bacteria. After all you will not want to take any chances with the hygiene of your little one. It is necessary to clean bottle with good quality brush that is made from BPA free material. Go for brush that reaches hard areas of bottle. Always select brush with soft nylon bristles so that it leaves no scratch on bottle. Moonship bottle, Juju brush and Dr. Brown brush brush are the best one to opt for.

4. Tongue cleaner: Cleaning of tongue of your baby from day 1 is must to have good hygiene. Farlin Doctor Tongue cleaner is best one as it gently cleans baby tongue and gums and removes milk residue and coating on tongue. It is safe to use and easy to handle.

5. Baby Nose cleaner: A clean baby is a healthy baby and it is therefore necessary to clean each and every part of baby’ body even nose. Nasal aspirator cleans the nose of the baby and clears the blockages in nasal passage avoiding respiratory difficulties. It also prevents the pilling up of mucus nostrils. It is BPA free and is soft and comfortable to use.

6. Laundry detergent: The dress of the your baby should be washed using good detergent and Pigeon laundry detergent and Chicco detergent is mild, alcohol free and is suitable for all kinds of materials. It removes any kinds of stains from baby’s clothes and is fortified with bacteria removal ingredients. It is safe for baby’s delicate skin and leaves clothes smelling fresh.