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New born baby product list

In other words you want to keep ready things that are required by your baby before hand and for this you ought to have the list of new born baby products so that you can make arrangements of all these things in time.

Here is the list of new born baby products that is must and required by all the parents:

1. Clothes: First thing one has to make arrangement is of new born clothes for the baby. Clothes are decided based on seasons. If baby is to arrive during summers, then light cotton clothes should be in the list and if baby is expected in winter then loads of warm clothes along with sweaters, blankets, caps, socks etc. to keep the baby warm is to be shopped for.

2. Nappies: Next important thing is nappies. Small babies tend to urinate frequently so one should have dozens of cotton nappies of correct size made of smooth cloth.  All the cloth nappies are to be washed with clean soap and antiseptic liquid to protect the baby’s tender skin from harmful germs. In case opting for using disposable nappies during night or while going out, then one should have nappy rash cream, nappies from good company and of perfect size and a nappy bin to dispose off used nappies.


3. Nursing: Breast feeding is the most recommended till your little one is one year old. For breast feeding moms one must have nursing bras, nursing gowns, nipple shields, cream, breasts pumps, feeding pillows to conveniently rest your baby’s head on lap while feeding. In case you are bottle feeding your baby, you need to have good quality feeding bottles, sterilizers, good quality nipples and bottle brush.

4. Skin care products: The skin of the baby is gentle and smooth and one should be very careful in using skin care products for your baby. It is recommended to opt for skin care products that are advised and prescribed by your doctor. Always go for good quality products for cream, massage oil, bathing and hair.

5. Other day to day clothes: You need to keep separate smooth bath towels for your baby, separate blanket or bed sheet and separate hand kerchiefs that are smooth. Lot of bibs, changing mat, blankets, a wrap around in case you are going out with the baby, socks etc.

6. Others: There are lot of small things that comes in this category like baby nail cutter or scissors, bag that is used to keep all baby items during your travel, baby medicines, baby hair brush, pram, separate baby detergent for washing clothes and utensils.


All the above is check list of items that should be made ready before or immediately after your baby is arrived. By Baby’s World

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