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Parents’ Guide on Baby Products One Can’t Live Without

Most of the baby items you see in the market aren’t really necessary.
According to the parents’ survey, the products they prefer have either been owned by them or bought during pregnancy and the first two years of having a baby.

Before buy anything, take a look at this list and find out what you really need.

1. Pushchair/Pram

Many parents put pushchair/pram to be on their top-most list. Fabric slings and baby carriers are the most preferred choice for parents, as they help you bond with your baby. They can also help mums who want to breastfeed their baby now and then.

2. High Chair

Many parents own a high chair within the first two years – without one, meal time for your baby to become tricky.

3. Teething Toys

The teething time of your toddler can be a nightmare. Your toddler will mainly start teething between four and seven months old, and teething toys can make your baby soothe the pain and withdraw the focus from chewing on anything in sight. Majority of the parents prefer teething toys as a common option to help their toddler distract from unnecessary things.

4. Baby Change Bag

A baby changing bag is one of the most chosen baby product as per the parents. It organizes everything you need for your baby at one go, often with lots of pockets to keep you sane and managed.

5. Baby bath

Although baby washing bowls are preferred least rated ones for your baby. Baby bath products are more common as many parents preferred to own one. If you don’t have a bathtub, or are anxious about bathing your small child in an adult-sized tub, this can be useful for you to have one for your toddler.

6. Baby play mat/baby gym
,p>As a new parent, you are consistently on a lookout to entertain your baby. With whistles, lots of bells, dangly bits and colour, a baby play mat or baby gym can provide countless hours of entertainment but ensure you are supervising your toddler at all times during their play time.

7. Stair gate

Babies often start taking first little steps as when they turn nine and 12 months old and not long after that you can discover yourself dealing with a little wanderer. Many parents prefer stair gate as one of the essential product for their curious crawlers or toddlers and they accept they own the one.

8. Moses basket

Moses basket is easily portable and easy to fit in your bedroom for those initial years for making it easy for you. But after that you’ll only get a few months use out of it(about 3 to 4 maximum), it’s worth stressing on the pros and cons before you buy. Many parents prefer to have one for their home.

9. Baby bouncer/rocker chair

A baby bouncer is a perfect thing to soothe your baby without having to wreck your knees bobbing up and down and is rejoiced by many parents. This is one of the least useful baby products as per the parents review on the survey.

10. Dummy/pacifier

Many parents like to use a dummy or pacifier to help soothe restless babies to sleep, and parents want to prefer one for their child. While other parents feel it’s not useful for them. If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you should wait for about a month before introducing a dummy and try to wean your baby off when your baby is between 6 and 12 months old. If you prefer to use one, check and sterilize it often.

11. Travel cot

If you don’t wish to stop travelling until your infant is older, a travel cot is a preferred option to have. For ease of use and for comfortable night for your baby, it’s important to select the right one for your baby.

12. Baby walker

Despite its name, a baby walker is not desired to help babies learn to walk, but to give them with some adaptability and entertainment while they’re still unable to get around properly. It’s significant to get one that is safe, easy to use, and a comfortable option for your child.


As per the survey conducted on most parents, the list of baby’s products discussed above has been found to be preferred by most parents for the safe, easy and comfortable use of their baby.

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