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Aptitude & Learner Phone Abc And 123 Learner Mobile Toy, Led Display For Kids

MRP Incl. all taxes : 499.00
Promotes understanding of letters, numbers and counting. Helps baby make connections between words and images. Encourages baby to cause and effect of actions. Introduces baby to the give and take of conversation. Invites baby to learn through singing and role play. Light-up screen. 6 fun phrases. Note: Keeping in mind possible hazards related to sound levels emitted by children's toys, Standard acoustic limits have been set for each product as per European standard EN 71.1. The noise levels at times are low, as for a toy that is held close to the ear of the baby should not damage the hearing aid of the child. All toys are manufactured and tested to check and ensure that they do not damage children's hearing ability. There are three interactive modes: Alphabet- See and hear letters, A-Z Numbers- 1-9 come to life Music time- 12+ songs and sounds The Zest 4 Toyz is a brand which focuses on qualitative products at affordable prices. This is Yet again a wonderful product with awesome learning features that will help your child learn various things in a fun way. Gift this to your child and see the glittery eyes sparkle in glee

English Learner Educational Laptop Computer With Mouse Toy For Kids

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 990.00
let them learn while they play with it. this english learner laptop encourages creative learning without any stress. your kid learns new words, goes through spelling test and learns to identify the pictures with names. a laptop shaped english teaching toy with an inbuilt lcd screen having sound instructions, key pad and mouse control gives your child an exposure to computers. it has an auto shut-off mechanism which helps save battery. it has three levels of difficulty. it is easy to maintain. it is made of durable child-safe plastic that does not break easily. it can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth. packed in individual colour box. this product is markted under brand "little grin" step 1 - learn alphabets, alphabets recognition and pronunciation, write capital and small letters, find the letter, (it will speak out the letters- which the child needs to punch in) step 2 - learn words, learn spelling and pronunciation, spelling test, identification of pictures, find the word step 3 - learn numbers, learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of numbers learn to write the numbers, numbers identification (visual), number identification (verbal) step 4 - learn musical notes, play melodies, play musical notes. recognize musical notes (visual and verbal) step 5 - play games, catch falling objects, find the matching pair, star shooting, draw a picture

Mechanix – Robotix – 1 DIY, Educational, Learning, Stem, Building and Construction Toys

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 799.00
8 Models, 114 Pieces , Motor and Gears. Includes a Screw Driver and Spanner Age 7+ Flexible metal motor and

Young Architect Building Blocks Game Set (315 Interlocking Pieces)

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 780.00
While the minds of young children are developing it’s very important to gift them something knowledgeable, something that can help

MECHANIX DIY Stem and Steam Education Metal Construction Set (Motors & Gears) (Robotix – 0)

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 500.00
Metal Mechanix engineering games – an introduction to the world of robotics and motion, this set is complete with gears,

English Learner Educational Laptop Computer With Mouse Toy For Kids

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 1,049.00
  • Laptop NoteBook Computer with Mouse Pad with 20 Activities & Games

Eco Housie – Kids Playing Board Game

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 265.00
1 playing board 90 plastic tokens 24 perforated reusable one booklet of tickets hand & eye co-ordination

Ideal Junior Scientist Electromagnet Set I Basic Electromagnetic Experiments for Science Fair Projects

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 299.00
Working Model Project Kit / Working Experiments. Ideal for Children, School, Learning Project Activity, Children can use their Creativity & Understand fundamentally. Understand What, How & Why, Principle of Working! Provides joyful and meaningful learning experience. Instils wonder and fascination towards science among young students. Ignite interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude. Motivates out-of-box thinking imagination and inquisitive mind. It channelizes energy of children in a focussed direction. Great Gift, as Prize /award in Schools, Birthday Party & functions. Complete assembly instructions with easy Language and Photographs. All of Junior Scientist products are unique and handmade. We work by designs and Endeavour to create like products. However the very nature of being individually designed by hand gives raw finishing of the projects since it should look that students have created on its own.

Lego Duplo Town Family Pets Building Blocks for Kids (10838) – 15 Pcs

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 1,049.00
Features 3 color-coded, buildable puzzles: a bird, cat and a dog. Includes bricks decorated as dog bone, fish and bird seed as play starters. Help your child master basic building skills with these simple puzzles. Have fun together as your child learns how to recognize and sort colors, then match the food to each animal. Inspire imagination with this versatile toy as toddlers to make up their own stories with the cute pets. Makes an ideal gift for preschool children. LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for small hands. Yellow bird measures over 3” (8cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep. Blue cat measures over 4” (11cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep. Red dog measures over 3” (10cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep.

LEGO City Mining Power Splitter Building Blocks for Kids 5 to 12 Years (60185) -127 Pcs

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 1,745.00
Includes a miner mini figure and a spider figure Features a power splitter vehicle with functioning jackhammer on a raising arm and a rotating cab, also includes a rock pile with breakaway elements and space for a golden nugget element and spider, spider glows in the dark Rotate the cab of the power splitter, raise the jackhammer arm and then push down the jackhammer to break open the rock pile and discover what's inside, accessory elements include a pickaxe and a golden nugget element This construction toy is suitable for ages 5-12 Power splitter vehicle measures over 4” (12cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide, Rockpile measures over 1” (5cm) high, 1” (5cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep

My First Soccer Ball – Coloured

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 399.00
- Rattle sound assists auditory development - Vibrant colours and patterns encourage visual perception

Kidz Labs 4M Windmill Generator – 8Y

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 675.00
4M Windmill Generator See for yourself how a generator works with this hands-on alternative energy kit. The windmill you build with it can be used inside (with a fan) or out, and makes a great demonstration of wind power in the classroom or at home! This kit includes a rotor, motor with gears, LED, and more! The instructions are fully illustrated and include diagrams of a motor and a generator to help you understand how each of them works and what the difference is. The instructions also have information on recycling plus some fun facts. You supply a plastic bottle to use as a base plus a screwdriver. - See more at: Windmill Generator Kit 6-page instructions Rotor Plastic gear housing 2 half screw caps Tail Rotor shaft Motor with small gear Gear with metal shaft Motor cover 8 small screws LED lamp unit with wires LCD watch - See more at: