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Summer The Original SwaddleMe Adjustabble Infant Wrapper

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 562.00
Why Swaddle?? 1. Swaddling helps reduce loose bedding in crib and helps keep baby safely on their back. 2. Swaddling soothes baby by preventing them from startling awake. Swaddle me wings are adjustable for just the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddle tight. How to use.. 1. Align baby's shoulder with top of open wrap. Tuck legs inside leg pockets then open tab at top of leg pocket. 2. Wrap left wing over baby's torso and tuck under baby's opposite arm. Secure tab to top of leg pocket. 3. Place right wing over left and secure opened tabs to fabric patch on left wing. Wings should be snug over baby's chest. Always place babies on their backs to sleep.