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Shopping for Newborn Baby

It is an age-old belief that you should shop for the baby only when he/she is born and all is well. However, being organized will help you prepare for baby’s arrival.

Here is the shopping list for new born baby that must be required by all the parents to avoid last minute rush to the shop:

1. Clothes: Very first thing that one has to make arrangement is of clothes for the new born. Based on season choice of clothes is made. If your baby is going to arrive during summers, go for light cotton clothes and if it expected in winter then many winter dresses like warm clothes, sweaters, caps, socks, blankets, thermals etc is to be kept ready.

2. Nappies: Next important thing that requires sure place in your baby’s room is the nappies. Babies tend to urinate often and so one should have dozens or even more of cotton nappies of quality cloth and accurate size kept ready. In case you plan to make use of disposable nappies during night or while going out then opt for nappies from good company so that it does not harm your baby’s tender skin.

3. Nursing Accessories: Mother’s milk is best for the baby and at least for one year doctors recommends breast milk. Breast feeding moms have to have with them nursing bras, nursing gowns, nipple shields, cream, breast pumps, feeding pillows for conveniently resting the baby’s head on the lap while feeding. In case you are bottle feeding your baby then shop for good quality feeding bottles, sterilizers, good quality nipples and bottle brush.

4. Skin care Products: Skin of your baby is tender and soft so you should be very careful in choosing skin care products. It is advisable to go for branded ones and the ones recommended by your doctor. Always go for quality and baby friendly products for cream, massage oil, bathing and hair.

5. Daily Used Clothes: For baby keep everything separate right from towels to blankets. Shop for smooth and fancy baby bath towels that does not hurt your little ones delicate skin, soft blanket and separate hand kerchief that is smooth in texture. Bibs, changing mat, wrap around, socks, caps, separate hand kerchief for cleaning the tongue of the baby.

6. Changing area: You could choose a changing mat, a protective plastic sheet that you can place on your bed and when needed, a baby mackintosh or changing unit with drawers underneath. This will depend on the space you have in your room and the budget.

7. Mosquito Net: In case mosquitoes are threat in your area, cot mosquito net will be great protection to your baby.

8. Baby Cupboard: If you think you can fix all your baby’s dresses and other accessories in your cupboard then you are wrong as for all new things you are getting you will need some more storage space. Small baby cupboard will be perfect to keep baby’s things settled in one place and you may find it easy to remove the thing as required.

9. Others: Other things required are antiseptic liquid like Dettol and good quality washing powder for washing the clothes of your baby, small baby nail cutter or scissors, baby bag in which you can keep each and every things related to the baby easily in case you plan to travel in near future, massage oil, baby hair brush, feeding bottles, sterilizers, bottle brush, separate washing soap to wash the bottles and other utensils of the baby.

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