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Things to Consider When Designing Your Nursery

When you start preparing for the arrival of your new baby seems to be a quite challenging task. But one thing is clear when you are about to decorate and supply the nursery, is to do some research. You might be having an idea or two in your mind for the décor but the furniture and baby care items, as well as the paint and other products you use for decorating, needs your research to be done before making the purchase. After all, every parent wants the nursery to be comfortable and stylish but safe as well. This article highlights the things which are required for you to consider when you start designing your baby’s nursery:

Develop a Design Plan

The latest trend in nurseries is to utilize neutral colours and simple décor that matches with the rest of the house. Take a walk through your house and give a treat to your fresh eyes. How might you include elements of your design style into the nursery? Once you’ve chosen complementary colours and décor you will have a simple and clean canvas on which you can add some fun elements such as mobiles and stuffed animals. The main advantage of this approach is the adaptability. It is much easier to change details—swapping a mobile or painting, for example –as compared to repainting a room.

Don’t Mess up your Nursery With Excess Furniture.

The last thing at four in the morning you need is to stumble through a crowded nursery. You should invest in quality pieces that will last. A convertible wooden cradle that will later become a toddler bed, a sturdy changing table, a comfortable glider chair and a small dresser is a must. If you can find a changing table or a bed that consist of built-in storage you can skip the dresser and can save yourself ample of space.

Choose a Paint With Low or No VOC(volatile organic compounds

These types of paints are now available freely at home improvement stores and can be tailor-made to accommodate your design. A chemical-free nursery ensures that you and your baby will have a healthy environment free from toxic fumes. You can paint the lower half of the wall a different colour than the top is the latest trend for nurseries and can be quite beautiful when the colours are divided by a chair rail. Ensure that to paint the nursery well in advance before your due date comes so that any fumes that exist will get disappear before the baby comes home.

Don’t Buy a Cheap Chair

Quality baby glider rockers are available at all price levels, but ensure that you will be devoting your hours in this chair. When you’re feeding the baby at four in the morning, after many weeks of inadequate sleep, you would not like to pat yourself on the back for saving money by obtaining the cheapest chair. You will be regretting the poor support, hardly-there cushioning and lack of useful features. It’s better you should start investing now in a quality glider rocker that will continue to be comfortable for years to come, whether in your living room or in the nursery of your next baby.

Invest in Organic Linens

Your baby needs a healthy, clean environment and you can begin with on the right foot by buying unbleached cotton bedding that has been manufactured without chemical pesticides. You and your baby will breathe a little easier knowing you’ve done the right thing not only for giving your baby a clean and healthy environment but for everybody as well.

Don’t Forget the Basics

The first few days and weeks of yours with your baby can be overwhelming. Having all the essential supplies on hand will ensure that the transition from hospital to home goes as swiftly as possible and that you won’t need to make any emergency tips. Enlisting some items you will wish to have on hand before the baby arrives home.

• Diapers

• Baby wipes

• Rash cream

• Powder

• Lotion

• Hand sanitizer

• Rubbing alcohol – One necessary nursery item that is usually forgotten. The baby’s umbilical cord may require swabbing each time whenever you change a diaper.

Ask a Friend or Family Member for Advice

Your sister, the new grandma, or a good friend can perform potential checks for you on your finished nursery to identify the potential hazards you might have missed. Your safety audit should involve removing blinds or curtains with cords, covering electric outlets and ensuring that lamp cords are unreachable. Consider the room from a babies-eye-view and take steps to avoid those things that will pose a risk once your baby starts to crawl and reach for things. It may appear a long way off, but your baby will be adaptable before you become aware of and prepare yourself to check for these things now.


Get started now. Pregnancy can be tiring, and your regular life doesn’t stop while you’re getting ready for a new baby. It can be hard to get all of the things done that require to be done with so few hours in the day. Make your preparations early and take your time to work on nursery even if it’s only half an hour per day and when the time comes to bring your baby home you’ll be happy to put your efforts for creating a space you can feel good about.