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Tips to prepare your kid for Play School

Playschool is the first step as your child begins to start his/her schooling career. It moulds and prepares the child for the main schools by providing strong and vibrant infrastructure needs and firm foundation to stand on. For strong foundation in studies, one should have good educational setup and quality learning methods and the playschool provides these both to your kid as he gets ready for the main school.

Kids are going to start with their education for the first time, so there are chances that they may be uncomfortable in first few days and many of them might be cranky and even cry during their school hours. Play school is the big step for the child and parents can play essential role in preparing their kid for this new experience.

Here are Certain tips to Prepare your Kid for the Play School:

1. Prepare them mentally: It is better to prepare your child mentally days before you first day of the school. Make him/her understand the importance of the school by explaining how they can learn new things, make new friends, play and get to engage themselves in many activities. Such mental preparation will remove any sorts of fear or uneasiness from the mind of your child before he begins his first day in his play school.

2. Listening and concentration: In new environment, kids must be attentive to learn and concentrate to understand. This will be new thing for them as at home they were free birds who did what they felt in their heart. So, prepare your child to listen attentively by reading story books to him few months before play school starts and see that your kid concentrates on what you are reading, you can check this by asking him questions after you finish reading the book.

3. Share attention: Teach your child to share attention, whether they are with their siblings and cousins or with your family members at home. See that your child does not demand attention immediately if you are doing something else. This is vital as your kid is soon going to enter the new environment with many children and it will be necessary for them to learn to wait for their turn.

4. Table manners: While almost all the playschool teach table manner to the kid but still it is duty of the parents to teach the eating manners before the school starts. Teach them not to waste the food in the plate, make them learn to eat with manners and discipline without scattering the food etc.

5. Stay with relatives: Make your child to stay with grandparents or relatives for few hours as he/she will get used to the idea of being away from you for an extended period of time in extremely safe, loving and familiar environment. This will prepare your child for the sudden change.

6. Introduce routines: Your child will be expected to follow set of routines in playschool. So set up a routine for your kid few days before the school starts so that your child learns to cope up the new routine easily. Wake your child early in the morning; see that he sleep early at night;see that he/she washes the hands before eating etc.

7. Develop self help skills: Play school teaches the child to be independent like he will learn to eat on his own, address his toilet needs, keep the bag in the rack etc. So, to prepare for this, allow some independence at home through teaching self help skills.

8. Make and accept the changes: Even adults are reluctant to sudden change, and they are small kids so they may take some time for adjustment. They have different levels of tolerance for accepting change and this can be done in better form if you set this frame of mind at home before the play school starts.

9. Enhance confidence and expression: See to it that your child is taking every opportunity to develop confidence and develops good freedom of expression in communicating by asking questions. This will help him to clear the doubts with the teacher in case he has not understood any concept that is being taught.

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