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Top Baby diapers Company in India

Diapering is important part of childcare. Cloth nappies require frequent changes, thus causing inconvenience to the baby and its tender skin. Baby disposable diapers come as a great boon as they are convenient to use and do not require any sort of washing or drying. Baby diapers market is growing every day and there are many famous companies that are offering wide variety of diapers to the target audience.

Here are list of top baby diapers Company in India:

Name of Diaper Company

Unique features




Mamy Poko Pants

  • Skin friendly and hygienic

  • Soft elastic and no tapes

  • Super cotton material is used that provides maximum comfort and prevents redness and rashness

  • It has powerful slim core that absorbs 6 glasses during night

  • Have capacity of 12 hours absorption

  • Made after considering size, motor skills of the baby and the quantity and consistency of urine and stools

  • Introduced first pant style diapers in India and became very popular among parents.

  • Its’ 12 hours absorption capacity makes it unique among other competing brands.

  • Soft elastic take care of baby’s delicate skin and keeps the baby comfortable all through the day

  • Top in the list

  • Has captured huge market because of its uniqueness.

  • Provides all round comfort to the baby’s tender skin

  • Made with high quality and advanced features that are skin friendly and hygienic.

New born to extra large size up to 25 kg weight


  • Light and thin diapers

  • Made from natural soft and skin friendly natural ingredients – Aloe Vera, vitamin E, Chamomille and Olive oil

  • Diapers are airy such that it allows baby’s skin to breathe properly by letting air through essential parts

  • Maintains leakage

  • Keeps the outer layer perfectly dry against the baby’s skin

  • Superb fit and soft texture

  • Feature rich dance collection provides optimum comfort and care for your baby enabling activity, enjoyment and dance.

  • New dance edition version has become popular in Indian market.

  • Superior quality diapers made with breathable materials; allowing air to circulate thus keeping baby skin dry.

  • Working surprisingly well as parents are attracted with its softness, absorbency and new dance collection.

  • Popular among parents as only natural ingredients are used in manufacturing it

  • Superior quality

  • Made using mechanism that allows free moving of air

  • Perfect fit and soft texture

  • Has good absorbent capacity

New born to extra large size up to 17kg weight.


  • Manufactured using revolutionary technology that helps distribute wetness evenly into 3 extra absorb channels

  • Do not store wetness in one particular place and so does not cause inconvenience to the baby

  • Has magical layer that locks wetness inside, offering 12 hour of dryness

  • Stay dry for long period of time

  • Doctors’ No. 1 Choice

  • Reigning brand in Indian market

  • Foremost choice of most of parents in India

  • Superior quality

  • Has good brand following based on their quality and safety aspects

  • Gentle for baby’s tender skin.

Comes in 8 standard sizes

  • Size N – new born

  • Size 2 – 5 to 8 kgs

  • Size 3 – 6 to 15 kgs

  • Size 4 – 10 to 17 kgs

  • Size 5 – 12+ kgs

  • Size 6 – 16+ kgs

  • Size 7 – 26 to 39 kgs

  • Size 8 – 26 to 39 kgs


  • Soft and easy to fit designs

  • Enriched with natural ingredients – Aloe Vera, Yashada bhasma

  • Provide protective shield and reduces activity of harmful enzymes, prevents growth of microbes and diaper rash

  • Super absorbent layer – enabling diaper absorb multiple wettings

  • Gives maximum protection from dampness

  • Popular brand as it involves usage of natural ingredients

  • Its super absorbent technique makes it preferred choice among parents

  • Most economical yet comes with best quality and safety

  • Best in quality

  • Natural ingredients makes it harmless and most longed product.

  • Specially formulated to give great comfort and care to the baby

  • Sizes are categorized as small, medium and large diapers based on the weight of the baby.

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