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Total Guide to Dress Your Baby in Summer

We normally prefer to wear loose and cotton clothes to keep ourselves cool during summers, in the same way for babies one has to select proper clothes so that they feel comfortable and cool in hot summers.

Here is total guide to dress baby in summer:

1. Cotton clothes: Cotton absorbs sweat from the body and keeps it cool, thus cotton clothes are best option during summers for your baby. Cotton clothes keep your little one cool and make it feel comfortable. The cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body, thus keeping the baby fresh and free from heat rash. Cotton is soft and hypo allergic, so it does not cause any irritation to the skin of your little one.

2. Loose clothes: Always make your baby wear loose fitted clothes during summers. As loose clothes are breathable, they make the little one feel fresh and comfortable even during hot summers. Loose clothes allow the air to circulate below the fabric thus making your baby feel cool and refreshed.

3. Light colored clothes: Summers pave way for light colored clothes as light colors reflect the light and heat away and keep the body cool. It is advisable to dress your baby with light colored clothes. Tight clothes also make the baby feel uncomfortable and also cause heat rash, causing irritation to the baby’s skin. Light colored clothes also look softer and cooler. Your baby stays cooler as more air passes over the body.

4. Head cover: If you have to go out during day time- when the sun is at peak, then make your baby wear cotton hat so that baby is protected from heat rays of the sun.

5.  Dress as per room temperature: Dress your new born and the baby as per the room temperature while he/she sleeps. If you are making the baby sleep in air conditioner room then choose light blanket or warm clothes to withstand the cool temperature of the room.

6. Pick the right one: Thumb rule is dress the baby in the manner you are dressed. For indoors, dress it in loose fittings, light weight garments made from cotton fabric; that absorbs sweat much better than the synthetic ones. For outdoors make the baby wear light colored long pants, long sleeved shirts, wide beamed hat to cover the face. Cover the baby as much as possible so that he/she is not exposed to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

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