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Types of Baby Toys Available Online

Online scenario has umpteen numbers of baby toys making easy for the parents to make quick decision. Here is the list of famous toys that are preferred by almost all the parents.

1. Merry Go round: Most preferred ones because of its alluring colors and adorable designs. It can be attached easily to the cradle or the window of your baby’ room. It fills the room with soothing sound. It comes in vibrant colors that entice the little eyes. Most of the babies lay in cradle quietly looking at the moment of merry go round tied to the top of the cradle.

2. Projector: This projector is designed to calm and give comfort for your little dreamer. It features soothing melodies, soft lights and cute little characters floating above on a wall when lights are switched off. Babies enjoy the different characters getting embossed on the wall followed by soothing music. Truly a worthy toy to keep your baby glued to one place for some time.

3. Baby gym: Another worth toy that occupies sure place in your room. Baby gym gives your baby fun time to work out and play in cute and comfortable play gym area. Your baby can relax, play and cuddle on extremely soft and comfortable mat. It comes in varied colors with alluring attachment hangings – soft toys, rattle, tether that encourage movement and engage baby for hours. It helps the baby to flex his arms and legs as he reaches for the toys and thereby provides good exercise. Also it aids the baby to explore and develop hand to eye coordination and muscle coordination. This gym comes with soft and cuddly mattress to add comfort as your baby plays with the attachable toys.

4. Baby Rattles: This toy is specially designed for the fun of your baby. It keeps baby engaged happily for some time as he/she enjoys the pleasant sound and look of the rattles. Colorful rattles assists in hand eye coordination development. Playing with it also aids sensory and tactile development. Crinkle sound of rattling aids auditory stimulation.

5. Baby Lullaby music box: Most sought after toy by newborn parents. This music box eases the effort that goes into putting your little one to sleep at night. Kids will love all the delightful sounds and actions that come along with this music box. They will never cry at night as they will enjoy the soothing music of the box that will relax you and your baby.

6. Baby Tethers: As you baby grows up he begins to develop itching on his gums and he often finds things to bite. Baby tethers become handy and are ideal for delicate skin.  They help to ensure the proper development of your baby’s teeth and gums. They are harmless as they are made from non toxic materials.

7. Soft toys: Fluffy, soft and adorable soft toys make a perfect play partner for your little one. As they are soft chances of getting hurt is nil. Babies relate to the cuteness of these toys easily as they enjoy playing with teddy bears, balls and other animal characters.

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