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Smart Mom Compostable Scented Bags, Car Bin – 100 Pcs

279.00 249.00
Use for clean & discreet disposal of intimate & sanitary products Oxo-biodegradable bags with built in glue, our sanitary bags seal perfectly with no leakage Tamper & tear proof Bag seals the odour inside the bag and helps keep your surroundings fresh and clean! Ideal for disposal of sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, peebuddy, baby diapers Fits conveniently in purse for quick & easy handling

Boots Fragranced Nappy Bags – 1 x 100 Pack

399.00 350.00
Be aware: nappy sacks are extremely light and flimsy and can easily be blown off a surface and become within the reach of a child. Loose bags are a danger! Never leave loose bags lying around - only remove nappy bags from packaging as needed or store removed bags in a secure container.

HOPOP Baby Wipes Warmer

3,499.00 2,799.00
Hopop Wipes Warmer * Eliminates the startling tingle of cold baby wipes. * Warms baby wipes in just few minutes. * Equipped with advanced heating element that helps to evenly distribute the heat from the bottom and up. * The double layered body is designed to prevent heat loss. * The inteliigent thermostatic controller automatically turns off the heating system to maintain the temprature. * The light indicator glows with activation of heating mode. * The overall function works on very low power which is very safe and energy efficient. * Compatible with most baby wipes in the market. * Anti slip feet ensures stability on different surfaces. * The lid opens easily with push button which makes it very convenient to use. Auto Shutdown

Pigeon Safety Pins Large – 6pcs

175.00 160.00
Pigeon Safety Pins are perfect for fastening your baby's clothes or baby napkins. Safe and Durable The "U' type safety lock prevents the pin from slipping off easily. Made from fine quality stainless steel, the PIGEON Safety Pins will not hoop or bend. Note : The product comes in different attractive colors with various prints. Colors & Prints may vary from actual photo. The one which is available will be shipped to you. The price is only of one piece.

Pigeon Diaper Liner – 25 Sheets

229.00 210.00
Pigeon Diaper Liners protect your baby's delicate skin. Just a single sheet will keep your baby happy, comfortable and dry. Excellent air-permeability that helps to protect your baby from diaper rash. As soft as cotton Easy disposable after use, making it easy to wash the less soiled cloth nappy. No bonding agent used Size: 16x33cm

Mee Mee Cushioned Potty Seat With Handles – Pink

799.00 729.00
Mee Mee cushion potty seat with handles is for kids learning to visit toilets independently while building confidence. It is compact and light in weight and has cushiony seat for warmth and comfort. The potty seat comes with an all around ledge and is easy to put the seat onto the regular toilet.

Mee Mee Hand & Mouth Baby Wipes – 72 Pieces

199.00 180.00
Soft, gentle and effective Anti bacterial ingredients Dermatologically tested Aloe Vera Extract Alcohol free