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Chicco Natural Feeling Antibacterial Breast Pads – 60 Pieces

MRP : 699.00
Antibacterial fabric avoids the proliferation of bacteria on the skin of the breast, preventing irritations and rashes Keeps the breast in the ideal hygienic conditions that help to heal The antibacterial molecule of the treatment is not transmitted to the skin of the breast, and therefore does not comes in contact with the mouth of the baby The double external layer in the breathable non-woven fabric allows the nipple and skin to breathe and prevents irritations The superabsorbent micro-pearls retain liquid and prevent it from seeping out to the surface

Philips Avent Disposable Breast Pads, Pack of 24

MRP : Price : 220.00
Ultra absorbent core for both day and night use Honeycomb textured design for a silky soft feel Contoured design fits comfortably on the breast Pack of 24 pads, individually wrapped for your hygiene Developed with breast feeding expertise

Farlin Washable Breastpad

MRP : Price : 330.00
Supperior Softness & Comfort Excellent Ventilation & absorbency Reusable For More Econimical & Environment Protection

Dr. Brown’s Disposable Breast Pads – 60 Count

MRP : Price : 539.00
Dr. Brown's Disposable Breast Pads are designed to offer a discreet and comfortable layer of protection for every breastfeeding mom. These soft and reliable pads are gentle against the skin and effectively absorb nipple moisture, preventing unsightly leaking through clothing. Designed to fit moms of all sizes, the unique oval shape allows for perfect positioning and adhesive strips keep the pads seamlessly and securely in place. Perfect for moms on the go, these pads are wrapped in packs of two for sanitation and convenience.

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads 30 Count

MRP : Price : 340.00
Excellent absorbency and leak protection Discreet under clothing with double adhesive tape to keep pads in place Keeps you dry, comfortable and confident Super absorbent materials prevent leakage and maintain dryness Soft for added comfort

Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb – 60 pcs

MRP : Price : 629.00
Honeycomb lining enables to spread milk evenly and trap excess milk quickly, also breathable layer and leak proof coverage ensure you and your clothing protected, you can stay dry and always feel confident Ultra-slim and light to fit discreetly under clothing. Non slip advesive tapes ensure the pad is kept in place Super absorbent polymer traps excess milk and locks it away, keeping skin completely dry Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage.

Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb – 12 Pieces

MRP : Price : 160.00
Honeycomb lining enables to spread milk evenly and trap excess milk quickly, also breathable layer and leak proof coverage ensure you and your clothing protected, you can stay dry and always feel confident Key Features Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage Individually wrapped to take with you while on-the-go

Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads – 2 Pieces

MRP : Price : 139.00
Made from 100% cotton, Mee Mee breast pad pack of 2 is ultra thin with super absorbent contour for natural fit. These breast pads feature soft stay-dry lining for moisture absorption and fit snugly into any brassiere. The reusable non-slip extra-wide adhesive tape keeps them intact, providing peace of mind while on-the-move

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads – 36 PCS

MRP : Price : 399.00
Super absorbent polymer - Absorbent polymer traps excess milk and locks in away Breathable waterproof sheet - Unique backsheet let the moisture goes through, still providing a great protection and keeps your clothes stay dry Ultra soft edge - For additional comfort, 3D slide gather - Unique side gather provides natural contour around your breast, perfect fit reduces tingling irritation. Breast Pad Unisex-baby

Farlin Disposable Breast Pad – 36 Pieces

MRP : Price : 375.00
This Farlin Disposable Breast Pads are easy to use and store. Fabricated of absorbing cotton with a poly laminated layer and 2 layers of tissue, the breast pads are super absorbent and comfortable. They provide a soft touch and feel against your skin. It fits the breasts completely and helps keep them dry and soft. Disposable in nature, these pads are extremely convenient and hygienic.