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Aquafresh Big Teeth 6-8 Years Kids Toothpaste – 75ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 400.00
Cavity prevention Enamel protection Healthy gums* Fights plaque Gentle on teeth Cleans in gaps and spaces

Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothpaste (3-5Y) – 75ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : 400.00
Little Teeth toothpaste is specially formulated by dental experts to provide 3-5-year-olds with the cavity-fighting fluoride for the Sugar Acid Protection they need to strengthen teeth and help keep the cavities away, with a child-friendly mild flavor.

Chicco Dentifricio Toothpaste Apple and Banana Flavour – 50 ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 265.00
Prevents tooth decay Fruity taste transforms baby's dental hygiene into a pleasant game Low abrasion formula which does not damage milk teeth Does not contain fluoride Ideal for all children under 3 years of age Ideal for younger children during the weaning phase Preservative free formula Fluoride Free

Mustela 1 2 3 Vitamin Barrier Cream – 100ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 649.00
Complete skincare for nappy area: PREVENTS diaper skin discomfort at each change SOOTHES from the 1st application RECOVERS continually

Pigeon Children Toothpaste, Fruit Punch, 45g

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 155.00
Specially formulated for babies and children Fluoride free and SLS free Colour free

Pigeon Children Toothpaste (Orange) 45g

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 150.00
Tangy Orange-flavoured Toothpaste Pigeon toothpaste helps you protect your child's teeth. Available in an exciting orange flavour, this children toothpaste will help you make brushing time a fun time for your little one. Most children, especially toddlers, do not know how to spit and eventually end up swallowing the toothpaste, which might prove to be harmful. With the Pigeon children toothpaste, you do not have to worry even if your child swallows the toothpaste as it is formulated with special ingredients like glycerine and calcium phosphate that will produce less foam and its orange flavouring is natural and harmless. Available in a pack of 45 gm, this toothpaste is ideal for kids in the age group of 1 to 6 years. Promotes Healthy Gums and Prevents Tooth Decay Another important feature of the Pigeon baby toothpaste is that it protects your baby's teeth from tooth decay. The orange flavour of this toothpaste also plays a crucial role in developing the taste buds of young babies as you clean the gums and teeth. Ensure your baby has healthy and strong pearly whites with the help of the Pigeon children toothpaste orange. This Pigeon toothpaste for kids promotes healthy gums and also prevents tooth decay from starting at a young age. Regular and proper brushing of teeth with this toothpaste will ensure strong gums and healthy teeth for your little angel. Inculcate the habit of brushing with this exclusive toothpaste for kids. Brand: Pigeon Quantity: 45 gm Recommended Age: 1 to 6 years Orange Flavour Prevents Tooth Decay Non-foaming Protects Gums Contains Glycerine and Calcium Phosphate Harmless flavour even when swallowed

Mamaearth 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids – 50gm

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 135.00
CERTIFIED TOXIN FREE – Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand. Free of fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). 100% NATURAL FORMULA – Mamaearth’s specially formulated 100% natural toothpaste is formulated with high-quality ingredients like xylitol, aloe vera, and stevia for newly forming teeth and gums. Xylitol, natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation. Aloe Vera Gel relieves sore gums when the new teeth come through. PROMOTES HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS – It promotes dental and oral health. It gently cleanses teeth, removes plaque, reduces bacterial regrowth and provides maximum protection against cavities, yet being gentle on the delicate gums. CLEANSES TEETH PERFECTLY – The unique formula of baby friendly toothpaste offers good dental and oral hygiene. It cleanses kids’ teeth, reduces plaque formation and fights tooth decay without any unwanted chemicals or additives. SAFE, IF SWALLOWED – It gives a subtle, natural foam without the use of SLS. Our fluoride-free toothpaste is not harmful if swallowed accidentally as it has all natural ingredients. This natural toothpaste is made without Fluoride, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, and Petrochemicals to bring you the safest children’s toothpaste. FRUITY FLAVOUR – Delicious fruity flavor of strawberry appeals to your child’s taste developing the early habit of brushing their teeth after every meal.

Aquafresh Toothpaste Milk Teeth (0-2 Years) – 50ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 285.00
Fluoride protection 1450 ppm Specially designed by dental experts to help protect mixed teeth, gaps & gums Child-friendly fresh mint flavour Foaming action with fluoride helps strengthen mixed teeth Cavity protection Low abrasivity Enamel protection

Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Toothpaste – 40gm

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 449.00
No fluoride Safe to swallow No artificial colors or preservatives Features real pear and apple flavor Promotes a lifetime of good brushing skills

Oral-B Pro Expert Stages Toothpaste featuring Star Wars – Berry Bubble

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 249.00
Fluoride toothpaste Sugar-free gel Special nozzle dispenses paste in fun shapes Ages 6 years+ 1100ppm fluoride Berry bubble flavors

Oral-B Stages Toothpaste featuring Disney Frozen – Fruit Burst

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 249.00
Fluoride toothpaste Sugar-free gel Special nozzle dispenses paste in fun shapes Ages 5-7 years 1100ppm fluoride Tutti Frutti and Fruit Blast flavours

Colgate Toddler Bubble Fruit Toothpaste 2-5 Years 50ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 149.00
Strong Teeth Idle for 2-5 years bubble fruit flavor 50ml, 65 gm