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Sebamed Baby Lip Balm – 4.8 gm

MRP Incl. all taxes : 422.00
Nurturing Shea Butter and Jojoba oil Protective Vitamin E Free from parabens, preservatives, and colorants Dermatologically/Clinically tested for sensitive and dry baby lips

Sebamed Baby Lotion – 50ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 241.40
Made in Germany Easily absorbed emollient with 7 percent lipids, special emollient skin care complex with sorbitol for soft skin, chamomile extract protects from irritation of sensitive baby skin, allantoin keeps baby's skin soft and supple Natural lipids, sorbitol, allantoin, panthenol, and lecithin Use Sebamed baby lotion after your baby's bath and before the baby goes to bed at night and take 2 3 ml of Sebamed baby lotion on your palm and gently massage it over entire body to soften your baby's skin Instructions Included

Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft – 50ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 188.70
Made in Germany After a bath with seamed baby wash/bar, apply sebamed baby cream on affected areas at least twice a day. Do not spread cream too thick. Just apply the amount the skin can absorb Apply sebamed baby cream more often if your baby crawls to heal the high-stress area of knees, legs, and elbows. For atopic skin as directed by your pediatrician or at least 3 - 4 times Protective, nurturing emollient with 42% lipids. An optimal active complex of vital substances protects from harmful environmental factors Rich in moisturizing panthenol and allantoin, chamomile extracts soothe and regenerate sensitive baby skin. Perfect cold weather protection 42% Natural lipids, panthenol, allantoin, chamomile Instructions Included

Sebamed Children’s Shampoo – 50ml

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 163.20
Made in Germany Extra mild active surfactants for the gentle cleansing of fine child hair Sugar based mild cleanser, chamomile Wet baby's hair and take 1 to 2 ml of Sebamed children's shampoo, dilute it with equal quantity of water and gently massage on scalp Instructions Included

Mothercare All We Know Fragranced Baby Wipes – 60 Wipes

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 185.00
Gentle to your little one's skin. Aloe Vera and chamomile extract. 60pcs per packet

Mothercare All We Know Fragrance Free Baby Wipes – 72 Wipes

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 185.00
Part of Mothercare’s expert-designed all we know range Fragrance-free for safe use on your baby’s skin without harsh smells Natural chamomile and aloe vera extract to help protect against uncomfortable nappy rash Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so they’re kind to your little one’s skin Remember to close the lid on the pack after use to stop the wipes from drying out Close lid after use to prevent wipes drying out