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Kidz Labs 4M Windmill Generator – 8Y

MRP Incl. all taxes : Price : 675.00
4M Windmill Generator See for yourself how a generator works with this hands-on alternative energy kit. The windmill you build with it can be used inside (with a fan) or out, and makes a great demonstration of wind power in the classroom or at home! This kit includes a rotor, motor with gears, LED, and more! The instructions are fully illustrated and include diagrams of a motor and a generator to help you understand how each of them works and what the difference is. The instructions also have information on recycling plus some fun facts. You supply a plastic bottle to use as a base plus a screwdriver. - See more at: Windmill Generator Kit 6-page instructions Rotor Plastic gear housing 2 half screw caps Tail Rotor shaft Motor with small gear Gear with metal shaft Motor cover 8 small screws LED lamp unit with wires LCD watch - See more at: