Bottle feeding Benefits

Every mother faces one of the big decisions: Whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed? Though the baby can derive lots of nutrition from breast milk, and it is suggested to breastfeed until the baby turns 8-9 months old, we need to also consider that bottle feeding gives mothers a lot of flexibility who cannot breastfeed their baby. Bottle feeding a baby should not be looked upon as if mothers are making a sin.

Talking about the benefits of bottle feed, it has plenty of benefits in it. Deciding to bottle feed the baby gives the mothers a simple and hassle-free life. If you do bottle feeding, your baby can enjoy sound sleep at night.

Benefits of Bottle-feed

• It is hard to digest formula milk but the proteins available in formula milk will keep your baby’s stomach full and ensures that he/she is well fed so there is no requirement for you to feed your baby frequently.

• In bottle feeding, the mother keeps a check on the amount of milk consumed by a baby as there is a calibration in the baby bottle. This is beneficial as the mother knows exactly how much nutrition her baby is getting, this is especially helpful when the baby is ill.

• Mothers who bottle feed their baby do not experience any changes in their hormones. This will also prevent the mothers’ nipples to have sores.

• Even though that breastfed babies are more immune to diseases, but the bottle-fed babies are highly secured from any serious illness as formula milk is also nutritious.

• In bottle feeding, the whole family can be involved in feeding the baby. This will also give rest to the mothers and mother’s responsibility is also shared.
Back to normal life again

• What to eat is not really the concern for those who do bottle feeding their babies.

• In bottle-feeding mothers, they need not be anxious about any medicines intake or if the mother is on any medication as it doesn’t carry an impact on the baby.

• This will not defer lovemaking with the partner, as during breastfeeding the mother undergoes a series of hormonal changes and this will turn into vaginal dryness, leaky breasts and sore nipples which is not the case in bottle feeding.

• As soon as the mother is in her feeding time, she has major concerns, like dressing herself. Unlike those mothers who breastfeed, mothers who bottle-feed can have their own dressing style, as a breastfeeding mother has to wear a dress which makes the baby easily access her mother’s breasts.

To sum up,

Bottle Feeding a baby is more beneficial to mothers who are working. They don’t have to worry that their babies are not fed since they always have the other family members for taking care of the baby. All you have to do is to teach or remind them on how to prepare the formula milk for your baby. By this, you now feel assured that your baby is fed on time.