Gift Ideas for the Newborn baby in India

A baby’s birth is one of the most precious and beautiful occasions in your life that you can’t wait for long to welcome him in the family. You will be overjoyed as new parents with lots of enthusiasm. You can’t help but share your joy with others as soon as your baby is born. In an attempt to share the happiness of the family having a new-born and you want to express your gratitude when your close relatives or friends may visit to see your baby.

Likewise, if you have your friend or relative having a newborn in the family, so you must be wondering what gift ideas you should have in mind in order to welcome the baby. Or in case if you have been invited to a baby shower and you are confused about what gift to select for a newborn in your family or a friend, then read this article to know about several gift ideas which you can buy for a newborn baby.

After all, your gift to the newborn will express your love and adoration for the baby. It’s obvious you would like to give a treasured gift. First decide, which type of gift you would like to present, a useful and practical gift or a gift that is truly distinctive. And you would like to give a gift that will be useful for the parents as well help them in raising the baby.
Among the variety of choices available, you have to think wise beyond the present and gift something that might be useful for the baby and the parents in the future as well.

Baby apparels and utilities

The most unique gifts for a newborn baby include knitted sweaters, apparels gifts sets, hats, socks, little shoes for the baby now or to fit as soon as they grow up within a year or so, the utilities gift set for the baby that comes along with a basket of bottles, pacifiers etc. or baby blankets. It is a perfect idea to select dark coloured fabric when you gift such items.

Always remember that most of the people think of a newborn clothing when they buy gifts for a new-born and the parents usually end up with a heap of clothes that will result to be a useless soon as the baby grows a few months older. Hence, prefer buying clothes that are for 3-to-6 month’s old babies.

Baby bath set

Another attractive gift idea is to gift a baby shower set, with baby body oil, hair oil, moisturizer, soap, towel, shampoo, powder, and even a little bathtub.

Baby suits and sleepers are also one of the perfect baby care gift idea products. You can also gift sleepwear and flannel pyjamas with cartoon printed figures or cute little animals engraved on them.

Baby bed accessories

You can also present baby’s bed accessories such as a durable baby blanket, a cute pillow, soft bed sheet and small toys which are also one of the awesome baby gift ideas.

Baby basics and toys

You would also be considering to buy a diaper bag, disposable diapers and a diaper warmer. It will make an awesome gift set for a baby. These and the other basic daily care needs for the babies would be essential for the parents for a long time and hence they will be useful, even when you present them.

If you wish, you can also present a feeder set for the baby, consisting of a thermos flask, bottle, nipples, cleaning brush and cleaning gel.

The assortment of toys is another perfect gift idea like Mickey Mouse and Teddy Bear presented in an adorable basket.
The stuffed toys and baby high chairs can be useful too for the baby and he/she can play for the years to come can be a perfect gift idea.

Perambulator or stroller carrying the baby is also one of the wonderful gift ideas.
Another entertaining baby’s gift idea is the items useful for decorating the room of the baby, like hanging decorations on the wall or above the cradle of the baby.

Baby Sleep items

You can provide musical CDs that would make the baby fall asleep. You can also gift baby story books to the parents for them to read on to before they go to sleep are some of the gifts you can relate with the sleep-CDs.

If you are looking for a baby gift, that would be distinctive in all respects, you can consider making a gift personalized and extra special. It will be something that will be cherished for years. Feeding cups, personalized blankets or other baby items can be bought with a little extra money, by carving or embroidering the baby’s name on the item. Choosing a baby gift for a newborn can be fun and exciting.

You need to do little research on selecting a baby gift, irrespective of the range of gifts available in the market. Based on the age of the baby, the new-born parent’s need and your budget, you can choose many things starting from the personal hygiene products or a piece of furniture and toys to walkers.

To sum up,

Choosing a perfect gift for the baby can be tedious since there are a variety of options available in the market. Your family members or friends can help you to make the right decision provided the criterion of your choices and your budget. On the other hand, you can explore the web for some product reviews for the baby gifts, and then choose.

If you are very busy and do not find time to visit the stores, then you can place the online order selecting from a varied range of baby gifts from the convenience and comfort of your home.